Century 21 $250 Gift Card Giveaway

— Thu, 16th December 2010 —

On with the gifting! Next up?! A $250 gift card from NYC’s holiest designer deal mecca, Century 21! We can’t think of a better place to do your holiday shopping, considering you always have cash left over for yourself!

To win the gift card, just ‘like‘ Century 21 on Facebook — or follow it on Twitter — and tell us how you’d spend the dough in our comments section.

(Oh, and we ask that the randomly chosen winner be willing to take a picture at Century 21 and submit to a short Q&A with The Beggar.)

  1. As I’m visiting my brother in NYC for the holidays, some of this cash would be spent on a nice Christmas present for him that would hopefully contribute to improving his wardrobe.

  2. i would spend a large part of it on some holiday shooping for my mom.. she lovvvvves the store but everytime she goes to shop for herself, ends up buying things for me, now it can be my turn.. She never treats herself and i can help spoil her.. ofcourse, ima kinda addicted too so id use a lil on myself too.. a girls gotta ger her century 21 hotness on too,lol.. would love to use it for some mama dukes n daughter retail therapy

  3. After taking 5 finals in two days I would like to grab a nice drink and sit back and relax. Afterwards go on a crazy shopping spree to continue improving my wardrobe.

  4. I’d keep simple and supple…luxurious robe and the softest long underwear I could find…maybe some shearling slippers to complete the ensemble

  5. wow, if I had had this over the summer I would have got that ridiculousy cheap Rick Owens blanket coat that I saw there over the summer for $180, or the margiela disco ball shirt for $200 and then stocked up on underwear and socks!

  6. Straight up to the balcony to see what’s left in designer. Or, I suppose if I was feeling charitable, see if they have any of those crazy Black Fleece lady sweaters up on 3 for . Everybody likes 8-ply cashmere!

  7. I would get some Tom Ford pieces – ties and blazer, if available – and some McQueen. Definitely would stock up on the basics – underwear and socks.

  8. I am a facebook liker and I follow on twitter@meeyeehere
    If I were the very lucky winner I would buy a lovely new dress to step out in.I think a pretty new dress is just what I need to get back into the groove!

    Rachel Crisman

  9. I would buy something frivolous and fun. Maybe a McQueen piece or one of those neglected Marc Jacobs coats I always see.

  10. Century 21 now has a decent selection of clothing from Garbstore, a favorite label from London. I’d probably get a parka from them or a Stone Island coat…and not feel too guilty about it.


  11. Listen, I’m done with shopping for friends & family. It’s all about me now. I’d get something Margiela.

  12. I’d buy a lovely new tie for my boyfriend to go with his lovely new R&B suit!


  13. I’m desperately in need of a warm jacket, thinking of heavy tweed or something like that.
    A cardigan or a v-neck cashmere sweater.
    An oxford shirt or two.

    Trying to build a classic wardrobe here.

  14. I’d probably spend the $250 on 2xist underwear (can’t beat the prices and selection there!)

  15. hmm. Maybe sweaters or a jacket. Possibly something for the girlfriend if she acts right lol

  16. I would definitely go for the Armand Diradourian cashmere scarf from their website. I would look fantastic with my new coat.

  17. This gorgeous red plaid Pal Zileri blazer with red elbow patches I recently saw there. Fit me like a GLOVE!
    thx TCB!

  18. Century 21 has always been a favorite place to stock up on designer underwear and great socks, so I’d try to refresh those areas of my wardrobe and then with whatever was left maybe I’d pick up something a little outside my comfort zone style-wise to spice up my wardrobe without feeling guilty for spending hard-earned cash.

  19. I would love to be able to go to C21 and buy whatever I wanted in the moment….for someone else of course.

    Caitlin Norton Wyatt

  20. After just spending a ton of dough on my wife there, I would spoil myself with a nice chekered borrelli shirt I saw there (in jersey), a hot skinny tie and a nice pair of jeans to pull the whole thing together and cap it off with some godiva chocolate of course!!! I actually got a sport jacket recently that is just begging for a combo like this, so this gift card would definitely give me a happier holiday!!! Thanks CB

  21. I would buy a great HUGO BOSS tux for my groomsman duties at my best friends upcoming nuptials!!!

    Jonah Abramowitz

  22. Hopefully I could find another gorgeous pair of Lanvin shoes there for $200! What a steal!

    Josh Appelbaum

  23. I’d use it on a pair of beautiful, warm winter boots for all this crappy weather we’ve been having in NYC!

  24. I’d definitely get a new suit. The little boys Calvin Klein one that I’ve been breaking out twice a year is starting to look like I stole it from my little brother.

  25. I just graduated, and I need a proper interview suit. Gotta make a good first impression!

  26. gifts for mom and sis who live across the country, and maybe a new black coat if I’m as savvy a shopper as i think i am.

  27. I’d give it to my boyfriend, who asked me to go shopping there every single day that he had off work this summer! (And we did go…think 3-4 days a week!) He found a ton of fabulous stuff, like D&G…and imagine how much fun it was for me to get to redo his whole wardrobe….and he asked me to back lately! A $250 card would be the best surprise for him!

    Ligeia Moltisanti

  28. I need a grey suit, and this would help a student cut down the costs a bit 🙂

  29. I would love to spend it on some fancy new gear…C21 always has designer duds that I’ve never seen nor heard of before.

  30. I have actually never been to C21. Many of my friends shop there and I see the fine Fruits of their visits. I am trying to take my wardrobe to the next level in 2011 and I think that this $250 would be a very nice catalyst!

    Waylon Laird

  31. The C21 is Queens has many pieces that scream ‘MINEZ!’ One such piece is a purple Tom Ford sportcoat that looked like sex (the non-sloppy, tell-your-friends-at-brunch kind) but cost more than this recent grad could furnish. Choosy Beggar gods, please pick this adorably sloppy but hardworking schmuck to spend your money and reap the benefits for seasons to come.

  32. I’d buy my gf whatever she wanted and if there’s anything left I’d get a pair of new shoes.

  33. I’d split it with my GF and I’d probably buy some new pants for spring. She’d probably get shoes.

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