Century 21 $250 Gift Card Giveaway

— Thu, 16th December 2010 —

On with the gifting! Next up?! A $250 gift card from NYC’s holiest designer deal mecca, Century 21! We can’t think of a better place to do your holiday shopping, considering you always have cash left over for yourself!

To win the gift card, just ‘like‘ Century 21 on Facebook — or follow it on Twitter — and tell us how you’d spend the dough in our comments section.

(Oh, and we ask that the randomly chosen winner be willing to take a picture at Century 21 and submit to a short Q&A with The Beggar.)

  1. I would spend it in their upcoming online section….. since I live in Texas

  2. Perfect timing for grabbing some Valentine’s Day gifts for the lady!

  3. As of February 1 2011, this contest in closed! We’ll let you know who won just as soon as we can get a pic of them with their $250 Century 21 gift card! Hope it’s you!

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