Filson, Cabourn, …

— Wed, 22nd December 2010 —

  1. I have this Filson canvas tote from when the beggar posted the discount from Joe’s Sporting Goods earlier this year and love mine. The one bag I bring to work the most I think. Fits easily over shoulder and can be carried by hand too! I think I ended up paying $110 for mine.

  2. I’ve wanted this tote, but in the Tan…Whoever is selling it, must’ve gotten it at a discount chain store, because the label is crossed off, which is usually the sign of discounter. I own the open-top tote in green and I use it everywhere…fantastic tote! I loved it so much, I began to build my Filson luggage collection with a small duffle (Urban Outfitters exclusive Navy color) and a Tan Medium tote, which is enormous! There are multiple places that discount their Filson…also keep an eye out for large retailers like Barney’s and Bloomingdales, sometimes you can nab them at a pretty steep discount. I nabbed my tote at Bloomingdales for $13…no lie…Just keep an eye on how long the luggage stays on the sales floor for…and price check from time to time…it’ll be reduced…

    PS…ChoosyBeggar is a staple in my internet routine! Love you guys!

  3. Will. I have the tan, but forgot to note it in my original post. There were a couple of Filson items at Barney’s when I was browsing online also.

    Agree with the discount store remark. I thought the same thing when I browsed the pictures for the eBay auction.

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