Giles & Brothers Sample Sale

— Wed, 1st December 2010 —

Jewelry shopping is a materialist’s minefield if ever there was one. Between the vultures ready to pick you apart for every stone and precious metal to “celebrity” designers hocking cheap costume jewelry, the whole business makes boxing look legit. And that’s to say nothing of the tacky, outdated designs, most of which would make Aunt Rita from Boca blush.

If you’re shopping for someone south of 100, however — and someone who appreciates a singular artistic vision and untraditional beauty — then, Thursday & Friday, 12/2-12/3, don’t miss Giles & Brother‘s semiannual sample sale featuring up to 75% off jewelry for men and women, including bracelets, necklaces, bangles, rings, … We’re talkin’ Rhinestone bangles for $40; Enamel Snake sracelets for $75; … Cash Only.

Giles & Brother Sample Sale – Philip Grangi studio – 147 W 29th St btw 6th & 7th – 5th Fl – 11am-6:30pm Daily – 212-643-0026 – Map

  1. Hey CB, is there any early word on whether or not there’ll be any (a little/lot/none) men’s stock this time around? I always get excited about G&B, and there’s either no or little stock in their men’s stuff, and either way, it’s usually half off at best.

  2. For what it’s worth (gift seekers or people looking for men’s stuff) they seem to have a bit more stock than the last few and is in a larger space, and has a fair amount of men’s wrap bracelets (the hooks with braided cloth/beads and one or two leather pieces) for $60, some pins (sterling silver, also $60) and necklaces, as well as some fairly versatile unisex chains and such. If you’d avoided past sales based on weak stock, it might be worth checking out today assuming no one cleans it out.

  3. Great ideas on jewelry and beads, can’t agree with you more!