Lands’ End Canvas $100 Giveaway

— Thu, 2nd December 2010 —

Tips or no tips, you all helped make this year a truly great one for The Beggar! To show our appreciation, we’ve got some great gifts to give away through the end of the month. (Any brands/retailers that want to add to the joy, drop us a line at contact @ First up is a $100 gift card from Lands’ End Canvas! For a chance to win it, just add a New Year’s resolution and your email to the comments section. In exchange for the card, Lands’ End asked us to pick out a quality look from its Canvas collection — Naturally, we stuck to the sale section.

The charming presentation makes it a great gift — because we know that’s what you’re thinking.

Note: Please disguise your email with an [AT] or a similar method to avoid getting spammed!!!

  1. I need to get my finances in order and pay off my credit card debt. A gift card would certainly help with that.

    heyday85 at gmail dot com

    the passenger

  2. Spend more time with friends! [firstname].[lastname] at

    Joe Wasserman

  3. To make sure I draw at least two hours a day! aitchjay (at)

  4. Consistently visit the gym and improve health and fitness.

    aze201 (at) aol (dot) com

    Andrew Excell

  5. Hope to stop wearing my scrubs and start enjoying my clothing

    Vincent Devlin

  6. spend less money, wear those clothes that have been sitting in my closet for years.

    benjpeng at gmail dot come

  7. To do laundry once a week instead of letting it pile up.

    mdillhoff at gmail dot com

  8. Handmake more things rather than buying them samuelmaxcohen at gmail dot com

  9. For the new year, I resolve not to buy so many ho-hum things off of ebay just because they’re cheap: I’ll save up for nicer things!
    cklick042 at gmail dot com

  10. Spend less money on clothes, and more on tuition and food.

    …Resolutions suck. Those Canvas flannels are pretty sweet, though.

    andrew matthews all one word at gmail dot com!

  11. My Resolution: To finally finish my Undergrad Degree and make the transition to adulthood.

    Email: frank_zafra [AT]

  12. lifeinaglasshead at gmail dot com

    [ugh, sorry for double posting; I forgot my resolution the first go around]

    Wear more ties, run more miles, and get out of the office more often

  13. NY Res: Dress better, shop smarter!
    2nd NY Res: use the right email when entering contests on – whoops! Here’s the correct email this time…
    Email: 405club [AT]

  14. Last year’s wardrobe resolution: simplify.

    This year’s resolution: Focus on fit. Know all my measurements (not just neck and sleeve length) like I know my own name.


  15. Taking my fitness to the next level. Live to be a good example for my daughter.

    dengoku [at] gmail [dot] com

  16. do well in school!! at least try for that 4.0!

    jsubhong {AT}gmail(dot)com

  17. Write more letters to family and friends.

    truandeck at comcast dot net

    J Jacob Marsh

  18. I would love to get my life in order this new years. A great job, and a new car.

    shopgurl101 AT gmail DOT com

  19. hit the gym so i can go back to wearing my size 32 Canvas pants, and stop buying 34s

  20. Apply for the college internship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  21. Make fewer resolutions, but keep more of them.

  22. Hey, keep up the good work and keep us informed of those crazy deals even if it keeps me awake at nigth.
    Happy holiday to the crew.

    I’m hoping to finish my master this coming year.

    setue.comm (at) gmail (dot) com