Original Penguin Sample Sale

— Mon, 6th December 2010 —

Wednesday and Thursday, 12/8-12/9, get to Original Penguin‘s showroom for deep discounts on F/W stock. Last time, they were unloading knits for $5-$10, and outerwear for $20. Cash Only.

Original Penguin Sample Sale – 42 W. 39th St btw 5th & 6th  – 4th Fl – 10am-4pm Daily – 212-780-4500 – Map

  1. If your funds are low, I strongly recommend this sale. Last time they had tons of stuff, mostly size M IIRC, for great prices.

  2. Why must the cheap sales always occur during busy times, such as finals?
    Not that I am particularly fond of OP – but even so.

  3. Being that the sample sales I have attended since moving to NYC have ranged from so ridiculously busy that I couldn’t get in, to one or two other shoppers, I am wondering if anyone can attest to how busy OP sales usually are?
    I plan to get to the sale 10am on Wednesday…will I find a line of 200 people, and/or be trampled by a crazy woman trying to buy gifts for her Adam-Brody-circa-the-O.C.-era obsessed son?


  4. I went a couple of years ago. Few other shoppers, just loads of clothes spread out on the floor.

  5. Excellent selection if you like the brand. Not an overstock sale so much as a real sample sale. Big variety of merchandise.

  6. Sure, $5 for polos and shirts is as cheap as it gets. But I resisted. I’ve been trying to streamline my closet. I’m not going to buy something because its cheap. The OP merchandise is inferior in quality compared to the other sales.

    The sale is moderately busy. The clothes are separated by type in labeled cardboard boxes. You’ll have to dig to find something. I didn’t see a fitting room. I dont recall the full price list, but sweaters were selling for $20, coats/jackets for $40, shoes also for $40. They had a bunch of bathing suits in stock too.

    Again, I’d rather buy something on sale from the Gap at these prices. At least they have fitting rooms and a return policy.

  7. Everything is size M and 32 waist. If you are slim guy like me, it’s not worth to go

  8. Interestingly, there are a number of items at this sale that don’t have the penguin label. I saw Zara, Ben Sherman, and a number of older, more obscure items that looked like they came from thrift stores. I’m guessing they came into Penguin for ‘inspiration’, as they resemble Penguin’s designs.

  9. Are you sure they were not someone’s coats? All can i found there is size M OP. Btw, the sales isn’t that cheap. $40 for a pair of canvas shoes, I can do better at Century 21 or Daffy’s. The accessory section is bad, only 8 pairs of shoes, 2 hats(and i got one of them), no belts, no scarf. Just stay warm at home, its not worth your time to go.

  10. I saw the same thing, steve. They looked like dead stock sportswear from the 70s that they used to pattern their designs after. I saw a pretty cool vintage seersucker coach’s jacket and some other old big collar polos and warm ups. Didn’t leave with much though, I can’t stand that stupid penguin on literally EVERYTHING.

  11. oh I think everyone just need to take a chill pill. If you hate their logo so much then why did you even bother going. It’s a sample sale. they offer woven shirt for $15 and Outerwear for $40 and Pants for $15, T-shirts for $5. It’s great discount with lots of great items. I got a pair of pants for my husband which we saw an extremely similar one from this season. Overall, a nice sample sale.

    Although in the beginning, I grabbed 2 woven shirts and one of the staffs was like…how did that get into the sample sale, apparently, those are not even in the store yet! And he pulled those away from me ….:( so if you are lucky and discreet about your selection…maybe you will be able to find something that will show up in the store in 2 months?

  12. Personally, I don’t know what Dan’s talking about re: quality. It’s much better than the Gap. I used to be really into Penguin a few years ago and have purchased a peacoat, jeans, sweaters (cardigans and crews), knits, and khakis from them in the past. Even got a couple of bathing suits. All of it was extremely cheap due to online sales and every item lasted in heavy rotation and dozens of washes. Penguin got me through the last half of college and years after. I still wear one of their shirts regularly (twice a month) 4 years after I purchased it (I think it was about $30).Though I think their line is not as good as it used to be (believe it or not, the penguin wasn’t always ubiquitous…used to just be on the cuffs of the knits and was very subtle/hidden), it’s still worth a look at $15 a shirt. Their fits have actually gotten better with time (patterns a bit worse), I just think they brand too hard now so I’ve steered clear the last year or two. While OP isn’t the absolute highest quality, I think it compares closer to jcrew than the Gap in the durability and style department, but ymmv, I guess. Not sure why he went to the sale if he didn’t think their clothes were worth rock bottom prices. Another thing, their sweaters can be a steal if you don’t mind the logo. I have a great cotton cashmere crewneck from them which has held up very well, got it for $20 online in their massive sales (definitely sign up for the mailing list if you’re a fan).

  13. Unless you are a 32 waist or medium size shirt…..skip this sale. Very messy and stuff randomly in card board boxes.

  14. Thanks for all the advice ppl, esp about the sizes / prices.. I was about to go, long trek from work !, but decided not to now, since i’m a slim guy , my sizes are Small and 30waist…… ; )

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