Proper Suit $500 Suit Giveaway

— Mon, 6th December 2010 —

Here we go! Helping to show you our appreciation for a truly great year, our friends at have offered to give one lucky reader a custom fit suit — free! The San Francisco-based operation offers tons of fabric choices — it prefers Super 120s — and all standard customization options. Retail price: $450 – $500! Enter to win simply by following Proper Suit on Facebook or Twitter, and adding your best ever (or worst ever) holiday gift to the comments section (along with your email address, which will be kept hidden).

  1. a belth from my sister…with the tag still on it. It was $12.99 from Marshall’s….she showed me the love that year.

  2. Best ever (birthday-holiday combination present): a matchbox car, which portended a barely-used Mazda3 hatchback my senior year of high school. But what’s better are the memories of Chicago-to-Portland roadtrips in that car with my dad each summer before another year of college. I think I’ve driven every major east-west highway between the two cities that are even close (including the Trans-Canada, which was the worst: there are only so many wheat fields a man can handle!).

  3. best ever gift….super nintendo at age 8….worst ever, my dog getting kidnapped right before christmas

  4. Best: The first iteration of the Sony Playstation, the very year it came out. I was in middle school and obsessed with video games. Score!

    Worst: A three-pack of white tube socks from Finish Line. They were on sale – two packs for X amount of dollars. The gift-givers gave the other pack to my brother. I’ve never felt such love on a Christmas morning.

  5. Best: Has to be either the Playstation 2 or getting my first bike as a kid.

    Worst: My family thought it was a fun idea to go to Ringling Brothers Circus for a holiday gift when I was a kid. They were wrong. Clowns proceeded to do what clowns do at the circus, and me being the impressionable kid who watched Stephen King’s “IT.” So yes, I did punch a clown in the face. Thanks Pennywise and mom.

  6. My first guitar in 6th grade, for Hanukkah, was definitely the best gift I’ve ever received.

    Dan Garwood

  7. The worst was probably Crest Whitestrips – kind of a downer

    Chuck Bartlett

  8. Mine is a combination of both. And it comes in the form of a story. Hear me out, it’s worth it and definitely something you’ll consider pulling on your kids someday. You see, when I was a child my father liked to play practical jokes on me around Christmas time. While it ultimately served to make me humble and unpresumptuous (and make great jokes now), it was quite an anxious experience at the time.

    When the original Nintendo came out and I was old enough to understand what it was, of course I asked for one for Christmas. I was already having some doubt about Santa Claus’ authenticity, as I had caught my father putting out gifts the previous year, although he cleverly played it off as helping Santa distribute the gifts “because he was short on time”.

    So when I woke up that year and found small gifts around the tree (some army men, action figures, etc.), I was bummed out and asked my dad why Santa didn’t hear my requests. My father replied that Santa is a very busy guy and can’t always do everything we want him to, but he usually tries to make up for it. I accepted what he said, and although pretty crushed that I wasn’t blasting ducks and stomping goombas, I was thankful for the gifts I did receive hoping that Santa would correct what I perceived as a grievous error.

    My parents then asked me to accompany them to the store to get some eggnog and pancake mix so my mother could cook breakfast (google eggnog pancakes). We got in the car and I buckled up while he ran back inside to grab his wallet. We set off to the store, got the goods, and came back home. When I walked in I did a doubletake as I noticed a present hidden back behind the tree. “No, it couldn’t be,” I said to myself, “I’m sure I got all of them.” I simultaneously dove under the tree and began unwrapping it. As I turned around I realized my father was already recording it as my mother beamed at me.

    Of course as soon as I saw the gold label I knew exactly what it was and exploded in a fit of joy, literally dancing and singing throughout the house. In fact, I was so excited I ran outside to announce to the world I had just received “the best thing in the whole wide world” (actual quote). When I settled down, my father remarked that Santa must have made a mistake and forgotten to deliver it and did so when we were at the store. It bought my parents a couple more years of enjoying my belief in Santa until I uncovered the real truth.

    By the way, I’m taking the LSAT soon and I could really use a proper Navy 2 button suit for law school interviews. If I won the contest, I would go with the Essential Navy suit, red lining, double vents, notch lapel, flat front.

  9. Someone once gave me a gift membership to and then asked me to connect with him. I don’t know which was worse—the membership or the connection request.

  10. Best gift ever? I would have to say my beautiful little sister, Joy. She has lived up to her name since the day we met her.

    J Jacob Marsh

  11. best: authentic stadium seat from Fenway Park
    worst: a navy blazer (but I was 10 and not into clothes then and didn’t like dressing like i do now)

  12. best – playstation 1, back in the day but 2 years after all my friends had already gotten n64’s, etc. finally felt like i had caught up to everyone else.

  13. best: the flask from my big sister, the first present that made me feel like an adult.

  14. Best- A Playstation 2 when I was younger, my brother and I played it into the ground.
    worst-The same lame CD, two years in a row

  15. Best – the lovely flannel…everything that I got for Christmas plus getting to spend time with my friends
    Worst – the card my parents sent me from the bahamas

  16. Best : Plane tickets
    Worst : A Men’s Wearhouse Suit. C’mon Proper I want that custom fit!

  17. best and worst – my friends all pooled in money to get me a north face jacket. they gave the money to this guy who supposedly had hookups but in the end, he took the money for his own and gave me his used jacket

    Wilson Jiang

  18. Best gift: Family vacations to wherever (getting to spend time with the family AND being somewhere different for the holidays)

    Worst gift: A maroon bath towel

  19. Best present must be a Playstation 3 since I was over 18 and never tougth I’d receive a game console again.

    Worst I think is a hemp shirt, too big with midly interesting colors.

  20. The best present I have ever got was a pair of Ecco New Jersey boots (the Goretex version). It has made me and my feet happy ever since last winter.

  21. Best – A timeless watch from someone I love; something that I will own for possibly the rest of my life, donned with an engraving on the back.

    Worst – Everything i’ve ever received from my crazy aunt.

  22. Best ever Christmas gift was the wool three-quarter zip my wife bought for me.

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