Y-3, adidas SLVR Sample Sale

— Mon, 13th December 2010 —

Tuesday through Thursday, 12/14-12/16, get to adidas HQ for up to 80% off Y-3 and SLVR sportswear. Here‘s what the last sale offered by way of selection and pricing.

Tuesday Update: Unfortunately, we’ve been asked not to take any pictures inside the sale.

Tuesday Update Part 2: Winston was kind enough to send over a complete price list, which we’ve posted after the jump…

Y-3 Sample Sale – 610 Broadway @ Houston – 3rd Fl – 9am-7pm Daily – 212-271-7568 – Map

  1. Its across the street from the big Hollister or D train. A block away from bleeker.

  2. If you’re a small, don’t bother. Not a ton of Y-3 apparel stock, mostly slvr and porche design.

  3. Sent a picture of the price lists into the beggar, hopefully it’s useable and can be posted.

    The building entrance is on Houston bet. Broadway and Crosby, but closer to Crosby.

    Strangely there was a woman with a DSLR that was taking pictures and I didn’t see anyone stopping her.

  4. Yes I don’t remember how many styles there were though. Only looked at one set. It had a white frame and smoke lenses.

  5. You’re probably right Tati. I was standing in front of the woman when she snapped a few pics of shoes.

  6. I was there when the sale opened this morning and it was pretty good selection wise. I almost bought a wool/leather toggle coat for $350 but managed to hold off since the sz large fit a little too snug for me which is weird since I’m usually a medium.

    Accessories seemed to be the best deal overall and I wound up walking out with a pair of the aforementioned white frame sunglasses ($30 orig $325) as well as a reversible Y-3 beanie ($40 orig $185).

    BTW – Mrs. Woody Allen (Soon Yi) was there bright and early. I thought that was kinda funny.