A Belated Gift For The Beggar

— Mon, 3rd January 2011 —

Love the holidays, but glad they’re finito, finito, finito! It’s amateur hour as far as shopping goes, and all the touristos, well, peace be with them! Happy New Year, by the way! Lot of exciting plans for 2011. Speaking of which, to help make this year our best ever, we’re kindly asking for some belated Christmas, Hanukkah, and Quanza gifts. That’s right, we’re talkin’ Tips, tips, tips! Sure, have your way with a sale before you let us know about it, but fill us in eventually! Online or in store, the better the sale information we get, the better the service we can provide you with. Your wallets and your closets will thank you!

  1. I went by Saks on December 28 and there was tons of Gant Rugger at 50% off. Not as good a price as the sample sale, but it seemed like you could get most current season stuff in many sizes. Also, its not that expensive to begin with. Keep Saks’ sale in mind if Gant is your thing. That is my tip.

  2. Graham fowler on west 10th has a sale starting tomorrow. I went by today and sadly they were closed but the guy there saw me yanking on the door thinking it was just stuck and came out to tell me about the sale. Cool store, hope I can get back.

  3. If you have some extra cash in your pocket after the holidays and are looking for quality domestic made belts or bags, buy them from these guys:


    you and your wallet will not be sorry. Most ass clown boutiques in the city are trying to charge at least three times that much for similar quality goods.

  4. Doneiver, have you actually purchased anything from Narragansett? The stuff on the site looks great, but you can never tell from pictures.

  5. The Thom Browne store is 60% off on F/W stuff. Not may jackets in size 1, but several in size 2. Some as low as $400. I saw a bunch of shirts too, also at 60% off.

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