Barneys Final F/W Markdowns

— Tue, 18th January 2011 —

Ding, ding, ding! Let’s all welcome Barneys and Barneys Co-Op to the “70% off Club!” At up to 75% off — in stores and online — they could actually form a club of their own. While Saks has traditionally led department store markdowns, we’d also like to thank Barneys for aggressively paving the way this season. But, what to buy? We’ve spent months drooling over the F/W collection that Schott designed exclusively for Barneys. Could reasonably-sized pieces possibly make it to Barneys Warehouse Sale on February 17? We’ve bet bigger before.

  • Barneys – 660 Madison Ave at 61st – 212-826-8900 – Map
  • Co-Op – 2151 Broadway between 75th & 76th – 646-335-0978 – Map
  • Co-Op – 236 West 18th St between 7th & 8th – 212-593-7800 – Map
  • Co-Op – 194 Atlantic Avenue at Court St – 718-637-2234 – Map

  1. Is Co-op actually at 75% off? Usually this is just the designer floor.

  2. Can’t speak for everything in CO-OP, but I picked up a pair of Marc Marc Jacobs jeans last week @ ~60% off, and they haven’t been further reduced.

  3. I don’t see anything at 75% off, granted I barely saw stuff at 70% off last week. Barneys gotta stop sending emails of reductions over the 5 unwanted items.

  4. Typically around this time Barneys does go to 75% on the designer floor. There is usually a lot left, and nearly all of it disappears before the Warehouse sale.

  5. Went around again this week and have to say its only a couple of items that are really on the ” 70% off sale”. Most still around the 40-60% range.

  6. I went by Barneys today and the sale sucked–seemed like not all designer was marked down 75%. Pretty picked over. Bergdorf at 75% was much better–everything left from fall on the third floor, including some stuff that isn’t all that expensive to begin with (Burkman Brothers, for example). A number of things in the often missing size medium. Of course, Bergdorf also buys a lot of fugly stuff, but worth checking out this week.

  7. Any More mkdowns here…..Friday is supposed to be the big day

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