Canvas Gift Card Giveaway Winner

— Thu, 20th January 2011 —

At your request, we do our best to post photographic evidence of giveaway winners and their prizes. Here’s Johnny from Brooklyn with the $100 Lands’ Ends Canvas gift card we raffled off in December. Congrats, Johnny! Spend it wisely!

  1. Their “sale” ends today. Hopefully you were able to use it on something before the stock was blown out. Had my eye on the Men’s Rugby Jersey Blazer, but they ran out of my size. Would have been a perfect piece to wear while traveling on a plane. Slight bit of smartness to it, but looks comfortable to boot.

  2. Haha, thanks for the heads up, but I’m scared of buying outerwear from them since a lot of their items run a little bit bigger, and I usually wear a small in more fitted brands. I was planning on buying sweaters and accessories, but I am waiting for that 40% off to show back up, they had it a couple of times in the past, hopefully they have it again soon!

  3. Yeaaaaaa Johnny! That’s my boy. He’s sharing it with me everybody!

  4. @ Johnny. Yeah their sizing is a bit all over the place. I have two cotton sweaters from the that are mediums and they both fit differently. The order I just placed was mostly smalls. We’ll see how they fit.

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