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— Fri, 21st January 2011 —

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  1. found better vendors. I get why this is, but 80% of the time the vendors that participate in the group ons are the one that aren’t doing well for the most part. Save for an American Apparel, Amazon, and Bonchon group deal, I don’t find much of them appealing.

  2. There was a lands’ end canvas groupon? I must have missed out on that.

  3. Their Nordstrom Rack coupon was great…They have one today for Rugged Sole in NYC, which appears to have good brands, but their website has NO selection what-so-ever. I also did a Groupon for a writing class in NYC, which I haven’t used yet, but will in the spring. Mastercard’s OO (overwhelming offers) is still awesome, I just haven’t laid down the cash on one yet. This past week they had $25 for a $50 credit to Nike. Keep an eye on these deals, they’re pretty great if you can get on one.

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