Inside The Theory Sample Sale

— Thu, 27th January 2011 —

About that “memorable, interesting and compelling” Theory sample sale to which Gilt City was recently selling VIP access? A tipster who paid the price suggests dropping by Saturday morning, 1/29, when it opens to the general public. “I went this morning and there was more than ample selection of Theory, Helmut Lang, and other brands. Dieppa Retrepo shoes (from Theory stores) are there too for $59 … Theory and HL prices differ, so beware. Largest discount I saw was the Theory Irvyn shearling jacket going for $299 from $1295, so just over 75% off. Most items were between 50-75% off.” They better have a ton of stock — The sale runs through Feb. 6!

“The sale was okay loads of racks for women compared to men. For men only about 4 racks of Theory and 2 Helmut compared to like 15-20 of womens. Lots of Sport Coats and suits. But only a bit in the denim section in both Helmut and Theory. Couple of overcoats from both brands and only a bit of knits and sweaters.”

—  Courtesy of another helpful tipster, who also provided us with a complete price list:

Leather 499
Sports and outwear 249
Sweaters 99
Sweats 99
Pants 89
Knit 49

Shearling 799
Leather 399
Suits 349
Outerwear 249
Sweaters 79-99
Pants 89
Sport Shirt 89
Vest 69
Dress Shirt 59
LS Knit 49
SS Knit 39

Theory Sample Sale – 93 Mercer St btw Spring & Broome – Sat, 1/29 8am-7pm, Sun 1/30 12pm-6pm Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat, 2/5 11am-7pm – Map

  1. in full emotional detail, please relay the most ‘compelling’ part of the sale. will it haunt your dreams like a lost love? or did it enliven you like a dove flying into a sunset? (no less than 1 page please).

  2. I pity anyone who felt the need to pay for “VIP” access to this sale. Only 4 racks of mens stuff? At least the last Theory (mens) sample sale had the entire floor filled with mens. I don’t see how this sale is any different than any other Theory sale, as it’s the exact same price for everything, and betting they had way more selection at the last one.

  3. Definitely wasn’t worth the 10$, my friend wanted to go early so I decided to go with her. Ended up only getting a pair of raw helmuts for 89$ from 260$ retail.

  4. I think it should be 8am-8pm. Were they strict on checking the list today/yesterday?

  5. It was not strict at all my paper was all crumbled and I gave it to them, didn’t check names, nor look at the paper. If you have a friend who went try to reprint theres.

  6. FYI, this sale is still going and still has LOTS of stock! I just bought a whole bunch of stuff in size S and the racks are full.

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