James Perse Private Sale

— Wed, 5th January 2011 —

Online, James Perse just kicked off its semiannual “private” sale featuring 60% off season-transcending F/W stock. Perse is synonymous with minimalist, high-quality basics at rather ridiculous retail prices. At significant markdowns, however, Perse is a favorite go-to for buttery soft tees, logo-less polos, and sturdy khakis, i.e., the building blocks of a respectable wardrobe.

  1. Agreed, prices are still very high, especially since most of this stuff is made in China or Vietnam.

  2. I’ve noticed that James Perse stuff runs terribly big…I got a few tshirts drastically marked down, and they feel no better than my American Apparel tshirts that fit better, were cheaper, and were made in USA…I love the idea of great basics and a minimalistic philosophy of wardrobe, but I’ll only look at Perse if it’s on sale…and by on sale, I’m talking Bloomingdales or Nordstrom extra 50% off already marked down prices, or Rack outlet prices…

  3. Agreed with everything that has been said. I’m fairly skinny/tall and Perse doesn’t fit at all. However, I have picked up a few great print tee’s for $15 (Barneys additional discount etc) that are great for wearing at home/sleeping.

  4. Love the “great for wearing at home/sleeping” comment. A ringing endorsement!

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