Opening Ceremony Sweetens Final Deals

— Fri, 21st January 2011 —

We’re being told that Opening Ceremony‘s Ace Hotel location just cut prices on Acne to the tune of 70% off retail. “Even the Acne store doesn’t go that low, they only go to 50%,” a friendly tipster tells us. Also getting 70%-off treatment are Band of Outsiders, OC x Pendleton, and OC house brand. “A few nice Rachel Comey men’s shoes at 50% off,” too. Downtown, “The best deals at OC now are the OC Docs & old Gitman OC shirting, which are both under $50 now,” says our tipster. At these prices, this stuff is unlikely to make it to OC’s next sample sale.

  • OC – 35 Howard St btw Broadway & Crosby – 212-219-2688 – Map
  • OC Ace Hotel – 1190-1192 Broadway – 646-695-5680 – Map

  1. Wandered into the Ace Hotel location, I saw NADA on sale. Zilch.

    Tongue Untied

  2. There was a lot on sale at the Ace Hotel location. It’s been pretty much picked through though.