Unis Sample Sale

— Thu, 6th January 2011 —

Through Sunday, 1/9, Unis is hosting its semiannual sample sale with prices starting as low as $5! “Tons of stuff,” a rep tells us. Also, F/W 2010 is 50% off. Find similar deals online, and, if you’re in Brooklyn, Smith + Butler is hosting a satellite Unis sample sale with similar pricing.

  • Unis – 226 Elizabeth St btw E Houston & Prince – 212-431-5533 – 11am-7pm Daily – Map
  • Smith + Butler -225 Smith St @ Butler – 718-855-4295 – 11:30am-7:30pm Daily – Map

  1. Went to this when they opened yesterday. Steer clear. Boxes were labeled $5 to $50 for previous season samples, but they were unorganized and extremely messy, I hope you guys like to dig.

    Overall, a small selection of shirts. There were a couple of “Adam” styles in M, but the majority were XS, S, XL’s or damages. Also, accorsing to a sales associate, there will be no restocking.

    Current season stuff is marked down, but if you know your size, you’d find a bigger selection online.

  2. Past season shirts and samples are anywhere from $20 to $50. Current season start at $94. Not sure about the pants.

  3. For an XS or S size wearing man, would you say its worth a visit then, jim?

  4. @wired: if you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth a try. But you’re better off buying online for the current season stuff. The sample bins were a mess – clothes everywhere. Again, I don’t know if they reorganized since the last time I went, but the selection wasn’t huge either. I’d say it’s worth a shot if you happen to be near, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

  5. I mean, I wouldn’t expect a sale that has $5 dollars tees, $20 shorts and $30 chinos to be perfectly organized either.