And The Winner Is…

— Tue, 22nd February 2011 —

We always do our best to feature giveaway winners and their loot. In December, our friends at offered up a custom-made suit worth nearly $500. The response was overwhelming, but there was only one suit to give away, and it went to Michael from Boston. (Read his review here.) Congrats, Michael! Wear it in good health.

  1. Ha.. Ur contest was won by some fuck from Boston. Can he even benefit from the sales posted on the site? I hate those fuckers from Boston.

  2. Unable to really comment on the cut and fit of the suit given the awkward positioning of the sweepstakes winner. The quarters look a bit square in the second photo. The winner also forgot to cut the vents open after receiving the suit. To be honest, I would not consider shopping at “Propersuit” based on information posted on TheChoosyBeggar.

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