Bonobos V-Day Giveaway

— Fri, 4th February 2011 —

Through Valentine’s Day — 2/14! — Bonobos is giving away pairs of their “I Frickin’ Love You” boxers with the purchase of “I Frickin’ Love You” pants. Frickin’ love it.

  1. I can’t stand Bonobos. Their entire customer service team— no matter whom I got— was arrogant beyond belief. I’d rather buy from another store. BTW: Uniqlo has free alterations on their trousers— and they cost $29.99. Bonobos (on top of it all) just isn’t worth it…

    Jason Aires

  2. The best deal on Bonobos is using their $50 off $100 purchase…Plan on using it to buy a pair of Parke and Ronen swim trunks.

  3. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with their customer service team…