Bring It! – Barneys Warehouse Sale

— Wed, 16th February 2011 —

Here she comes! The sale you love to hate, and hate to love; the biggest (if not the greatest) discount shopping event of the year — Barneys semiannual Warehouse Sale!

The festivities kickoff tomorrow morning, 2/17, at 8 a.m., but as any regular reader knows, no one cracks their wallet on Day 1 of this chess game of a sale. Whenever you visit — if you visit — stay focused with a pre-made wish list, stick to your sizing sections, and know that prices drop precipitously over the course of the two-week event.

Last time around, here‘s what the sale looked like on Day 1 — and here‘s how severely the prices dropped 12 days later.

Barneys Warehouse Sale – 255 W 17th St btwn 7th & 8th – 212-450-8400 – Map

  1. This time, they mixed up the men’s and women’s departments what makes it more confusing. Selection seems smaller than usually too. There wasn’t a single shoe that interested me. Hope they will restock, or i will leave empty handed this time.

  2. spotted: size 11 black shell cordovan Alden low vamp loafers. 239. not a bad deal.

  3. not that this comment is on the edge of unpredictability, but the prices are fucking bogus. i mean, way bogus. the one steal i saw was the ‘breathless’ (godard) t-shirt by rodarte. down from 200 to 39. too bad the large fit like an xs on me. hahaha. nothing seemed crucial to have.

  4. I thought the selection was about the same as usual, although I didn’t go down to shoes, and the space is more unpleasant. A lot of Woolrich from about a year ago at 50% off (same stuff that’s been showing up on Gilt, C21, etc). It will go down further.

  5. The exact same Adam Kimmel velvet vest they were to sell at the sale for almost 400 bucks (which maybe is still there) is now 299 on Gilt, what a joke.

  6. Oh and Gilt has 3 sizes available, when there was only one at the Warehouse Sale…

  7. im going to the one in LA tomorrow which is the last day im hoping theres still great stuff….

  8. What were discounts on Dress Shirts, Sport Jackets, and Ties at today? Thank

  9. Go time! 40% off sportswear and designer. I think they restocked, too. Lots of good stuff.

  10. 40% off most things now additional to some markdowns already on the tags. Racks of shirts, sweaters, and outerwear and loads of suits still left. In terms of shoes / sneakers / denims its looking slim to none in terms of good selection.

  11. so 25 off all shoes, usually they do an additional cut on sneakers but i guess they’re not quite there yet.

  12. Harris–Beware. Sometimes they do more markdowns for women than men. Probably on Monday or Tuesday they will put the 40% markdown up to 60%. By then there will be very little available for men over $250, and whatever good stuff is remaining will go very quickly.

  13. Final markdowns on Friday is a load of hooey; I guarantee there will be lower cuts on Sunday.

  14. Does anyone know what the discount on suits are right now? Does it get better?

  15. as of yesterday, no suiting discounts, only tuxexo’s were 25 off. keep checking this week though for sure.

  16. As of this Saturday – outerwear, designer and shirting were 40% off. No other discounts on shoes. Didn’t check pants and knitwear.

    Is this still the same as of today?

  17. @menswearman Do prices really go down on Sunday? I went last year and they stayed the same. Is it only during the final hours? They also do 40% shoes and 75% sneakers if I’m remembering correctly.

  18. I think that’s right about the sneaker/shoe discounts. I would expect sneakers to hit 50 this week.

    As per sunday, I have avoided the last day for the past few sales but if I remember correctly they do try and get everything down on the last day a bit more…particularly sportswear

  19. just confirmed with secret source, markdowns tomorrow, markdowns on friday. sunday is iffy depending on how things do.


  20. menswearMAN, what’s your guess on the markdown for denim tomorrow?

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