Gargyle / Project No. 8 Dual Sample Sales

— Thu, 24th February 2011 —

This is definitely the weekend to visit Chinatown. Friday and Saturday, 2/25-2/26, near-neighbors Gargyle and Project No. 8 are hosting dueling sample sales, featuring up to 90% off Maison Martin Margiela, Surface to Air, Adam Kimmel, Acne, Rachel Comey, United Bamboo, … Here’s what the last Gargyle sample sale looked like.

  • Gargyle – 16A Orchard St between Canal & Hester – 917-470-9367 – Map
  • Project No. 8 – 38 Orchard Street at Hester – 212-925-5599 – Map

  1. The Project 8b sale was pretty damn awesome, also crazy though, I got there around 12:15, and people already started lining up to checkout…

  2. went to both…project no 8 reminds me of the worst stuff from antique boutique back in the day…not my scene…and apparently due to the sample sale, not anyone’s scene.

    gargyle had some nice stuff…lots of robert geller, raf simons for fred perry, ymc…but prices werent compelling enough to warrant a purchase.

    they did have a few sns herring sweaters for $125ish if i recall.

  3. (@ Gargyle) yes, they do have ties. picked up 2 myself. they also have a variety of jackets. Sports, wool trenches etc. saw things in all sizes. I agree with Sam, the prices though, are a bit ehh for a sample sale, but decent pickings.

    (@ Project8) Dont bother, enought said. Pieces were bland and overpriced, in my opinion.

    this was as of 3PM


  4. Personally, I think this place carries some of the most amazing stuff in the US (usually). Went to the sale pretty early today and was still able to grab some great pieces.

  5. I meant Project 8b (yeah the menswear store is actually not called project no.8)…

  6. Also went to Gargyle. The stuff seemed nice but was borderline for what I wanted to pay, if it was down a bit more I might of actually stayed longer to try stuff on. Nice picking in here though.

    Project 8 was not that great, the prices were ridiculous and the pieces were okay.

  7. The prices were ridiculous? I didn’t think a sweater down to 170 from 570 and a button up down to 45 from 360 were bad?

  8. But yeah I can see if you get there after 2 a lot of the good stuff would be gone by then, but the prices were seriously not bad at all.

  9. Both sales were okay, the two stores obviously have totally different vibes so there’s no point to compare, choose what suits you. One thing about Project No.8 that I liked was that they actually remind you to also check out the Gargyle sale.

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