Oak “Sample Sale”

— Thu, 3rd February 2011 —

Just like Odin, Oak will most likely forgo a F/W sample sale, and is instead cutting prices on select stock to “sample sale” levels. Both Oak locales are now offering 70% markdowns, but we’re told remaining wares will soon be consolidated in Williamsburg.

So, based on these moves, can we conclude that the great deal days of ’08, ’09, and ’10 are behind us? Well, sales numbers are rebounding, which obviously make markdowns less necessary. Even in the best of times, however, fortunes vary widely from store to store and brand to brand. Aided by an explosion in online outlets and other channels, it’s hard to imagine the deal market drying up. Ebb, maybe, but there’s too much competition out there, and the unfixed nature of fashion makes surpluses inevitable. It’s these features of the fashion biz that inspired us to launch The Beggar in the summer of 2008 — before the recession hit and sales became as commonplace as sulky sales people. Fear not, fellas. No matter the economic weather, we’ll keep delivering the deals.

  • Oak – 28 Bond St btw Lafayette & Bowery – 212-677-1293 – Map
  • Oak ‘Burg – 208 North 8th St btw Driggs & Roebling – 718-782-0521 – Map

  1. economy be damned…as long as there are stupid buyers bringing in clothes that don’t resonate with their customers at a price that is compelling, there will always be amazing deals to be had.

    my biggest gripe with nyc shopping lately is that no store carries the labels that i love from london or tokyo. i have a better time shopping abroad or online.

  2. heritage research, garbstore, suit, folk, sunny sports…stuff like that.

  3. There was a pair of Nudie Jeans in High Kai I wanted from Oak, but I waited too long to purchase them… : (

  4. Sunny Sports is available at CHCM (www.chcmshop.com), which now has a brick-and-mortar store at 2 Bond Street (between Broadway & Lafayette); (212) 673-8601. Haven’t purchased any myself yet, but lust after Sunny Sports and CHCM online. Onward and upward.

  5. There are stories around that stores were unhappy with January sales figures. They cut back on inventory so sharply that they didn’t have enough left to sell. So next year they will probably order more, and maybe there will be more on sale. Business is always a guessing game, so there will always be stuff on sale somewhere.

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