Save Khaki Sample Sale

— Thu, 17th February 2011 —

Speaking of things we love… Beginning Friday, 2/18, get to Save Khaki’s Lafayette St. location for deep discounts on brilliantly simple basics. If their last sales was any indication, expect khakis for $50; woven shirts for $40; SeaVees for $50; tees for $10; jackets and heavy knits for $100… You’ve got through Friday, 3/4, to visit.

Save Khaki Sample Sale – 327 Lafayette St between Bleecker & Houston – Basement – 12pm-7pm Daily – 212-925-0134 – Map

  1. Well, don’t _really_ expect khakis! Stopped by this morning, and there are some corduroys and some crinkly-type pants, but not more than 20 pairs or so.

  2. There are tons of woven shirts, and some khakis but not many (mostly 32s, some 30s). However they said this is expected to run a couple weeks, with periodic restocking.

  3. they also had brown leather high-top yuketens with crepe sole for $200…normally $400. i didn’t check the sizes. don’t care for crepe soles.

  4. picked up one medium button down and one pair of size 30 khakis. the khakis are really nice and fit well. the shirt is a bit small. holla if you want it. dark blue and white tiny check.

  5. i feel like the shirt run a tiny bit small. i think all pants, including cords, were $50. cords were available in white and charcoal. maybe something else, too.

  6. Swung by on Saturday since we happened to be in NYC for the weekend. They were light on khakis but I’m lucky I wear 32’s. Picked up two pair that seem great. They did have a wall full of button downs and a pretty sweet khaki field vest looking thing.

  7. i grabbed a chambray hoodie and a couple T’s/socks on Saturday. some cool pointer stuff. pants were mostly 30-32, and then 38s but they said they’d likely restock. the shirts fit funny… i am an M or L in just about everything but the L’s had such skinny arms i could hardly bend. I wish i had big biceps, but i am an avg build and the arms were so skinny i would have to go up to an XL on the shirts.

  8. Just dropped by today (3/2) for the second time. There’s a ton of new merchandise, much better than the first round in my opinion. Picked up an awesome pair of navy khaki shorts and a matching check buttondown!


  9. It looked to be mostly 30s and 32s, but I believe they had some larger sizes? You can try tweeting them @SAVEKhaki. They’re pretty responsive.


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