“Groupon” Services Sorely Lack…

— Fri, 4th March 2011 —

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  1. Anything good most of the time. I thought we already had a discussion on this. Just to repeat. I hardly ever see anything I’m interested in and most of the time the vendors are unpopular places that probably need the business. I guess that’s the point.

    Winston S.

  2. Thanks for the input, Winston. Previous “groupon” poll just asked about the general trend — not what specific deals they lacked.

  3. What was that slogan (Marshall’s? I can’t remember): A bargain is only a bargain if it’s something you love. Words to live by, and reason to ignore Groupon.

  4. I agree with Steve – I had an email in my box today saying something like “50% off candy apples”. That pushed me over the edge and I unsubscribed.

    Knowing the business only get half the money from groupon, I only am interested if it’s a large corporation’s special. In fact the only one I’ve bought was the Nordstrom Rack, which ended up going towards crap I wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

    If it’s a small business groupon, it means they have either such ridiculous margins that they can accept 25% of retail or they are (or will be) failing and probably not worth my time anyhow.

  5. Agreed Jay. So far I’ve only snagged an amazon e-certificate (pay $10 get $20), an American Apparel one (pay $25 get $50), and a Fandango one ($9 for two movie tickets), otherwise none of the other stuff really interests me.

    Winston S.

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