(Another) James Perse Sample Sale

— Mon, 14th March 2011 —

For whatever reason — from over production to unreasonably high price points — James Perse has recently been the focus of numerous sample sales. Friday through Sunday, 8/18-8/20, get to Chelsea Market for yet another Perse sample and overstock sale featuring about 60% off tons of basics. At a very similar recent event, we found polos for $40; long-sleeve tees for $60; pants for $70; sweatshirts for $80; hooded sweatshirts for $90; and shorts for $30-$50.

James Perse Sample Sale – Chelsea Market – 75 9th Ave between between 15th & 16th – Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-4pm – Map

  1. thanks for the heads up, i’m not even gonna waste my time!

  2. Another sample sale for Perse and he’s still making cash hand-over-fist with these “discounted” prices.

  3. I’m going to squeal with glee when I read that they’re going out of business. I’m 6’4 280 lbs.