Brooklyn Industries Sample Sale

— Tue, 1st March 2011 —

Visited Dumbo lately? Never been? Thursday through Sunday, 3/3-3/6, Brooklyn Industries is celebrating the imminent opening of its Dumbo location with, of all things, a sample sale! This gear ain’t made to last a lifetime, but it’s all functional and $40-or-less. Feel free to RSVP here — or just show up. What’s the best route to Dumbo? You’ve got your pick of subways between the A/C, F, or 2/3, but we strongly suggest a scenic stroll (or bike ride) over the majestic Brooklyn Bridge. [Crain’s via Racked]

Brooklyn Industries Dumbo – 70 Front St btw Dock & Main – 11am-8pm Daily – Map

  1. It’s not a ‘sample sale’, it is a end-of-season clearance sale. Not everything is under $40 as they claimed. Outerwear is $50, blazer for $30, knitwear for $25. A plaid peacoat is selling for $56 on their website now($80 plus extra 30%off). So you will save few bucks when travelling all way to dumbo. Most of the stocks are in this season and selling on their website with deep discount right now. The bag and accessory section is already picked through. If you really love their style or live in the neighborhood, go ahead; otherwise, go to the buckler’s sale instead.

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