Buckler Sample Sale & Giveaway

— Tue, 1st March 2011 —

Friday and Saturday, 3/4-3/5, Buckler‘s hosting its semiannual sample sale featuring outerwear for $75; jeans and pants for $40; shirts for $25; tees for $15; … As you can see from the last sample sale, deals on leather outerwear are usually amazing.

Oh, Thursday night, from 6pm-9pm, Buckler’s hosting a pre-sale, where the first 15 guys to mention ‘The Beggar’ at checkout get a free pair of underwear.

Update: First 20 guys to drop $80 or more get $20 off their purchases! Just remember to mention “The Beggar!”


Buckler Sale – 13 Gansevoort St btwn W 13th & Hudson – 11am-7pm Daily – 212-255-1596 – Map

  1. do you know if they’ll have everything that the sale will feature in the presale? thanks!

  2. this one was quite good — there’s a lot more merchandise than sales past. the preview was really mobbed around 6 or so. there were quite a bit of blazers (one 8+ ft long rack was filled with them), plus some rather sharp looking tuxedo jackets, all $70. very little leather outerwear this time around, i only saw 2; the other heavy coats on the racks weren’t too inspiring. plenty of shirting, some still in plastic wrap, all $25. knits ranged from $25 to 70, depending on heaviness of item. pants/jeans all $25, but buy 2 for $40. waistcoats were $30. there must have been about 10 big boxes filled with t-shirts, marked at $15. beware though, some of these are actual samples, and have damages (stains, holes, torn lining, no tags, etc.), so check carefully. a lot of the stuff was from seasons past, but i spotted some pieces from spring 2010. prices this time around was better than the last 2 i’ve seen (the real steals were pants/jeans and blazers). there is so much merchandise (and duplicates of overstock items) that it should last through the weekend.

  3. Fellow beggars, if you fancy any of the print shirts in the middle bins, be aware that the dye washes off. I just got one, and what came out of the wash was a shirt that looked disastrous. Granted I got it off the $15 bin, but it was just money down the drain.. It was like they used easter egg dyes to make it


  4. Similar stock as the last sale. They have a super long rack of sport coats/blazers, at least 50-60 of them. But most of them are causal cut, not very tailor-made. Not many spring/summer clothes or size S. I bought a long tailor coat for $70, a sweater for $25, a pair of high waist jeans for $25, and a short sleeves shirt for another $25. Its not a bad sale if you into the grunge or slightly rock style.

  5. Anybody see any 28 jeans? Not a huge fan of Buckler jeans on the durability scale, but their fits can be tremendous and worth it at the right price.

  6. One box of 28s, probably worth checking out if you go soon. Also a box of 29.

  7. This sale is quite impressive if you can spot the appropriate hipster gear within the eurotrash. I left with a $25 pair of understated jeans that seems like a real steal based on previous buckler denim.

  8. What were the discounts on ties and dress shirts?

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