Can They Bring Back Baggy?

— Fri, 25th March 2011 —

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  1. God I hope not. This just looks awful. It kind of reminds me of cargo pants in the sense that they are trying to make a comeback but the 90s are still too fresh in my mind to be ready for them. Thats how I feel about baggy clothes.

  2. If everyone were going baggy, then baggy would inevitably be cool to wear (the pic shown is a not a great example of what the public would actually be wearing.) Seriously now; skinny-jeans and lame-ass beards and guys who’ve never lifted a finger obsessing over the patina on their Red Wings? What were these guys wearing ten years ago? If the right people start wearing it, marketing it and selling it the sheep will follow.

  3. Whether or not I like baggy clothes I feel they are going to be back on the scene. Whether it’s 5 years or 20 years from now, it’ll be back. I don’t feel like I’ll follow the trend, but I do think it’ll be back.

    Winston S.

  4. I have some Prada and Coming Soon pants that are baggy, and I LOVE them. I enjoyed the latest Calvin Klein Collection show, and I can’t wait to own some of the pieces. However, their suits never fit me for some reason.

  5. I think the important point here is that form fitting clothes are the norm, and baggy the exception. If you look at fashion history over the past century, bagginess in various forms pops up now and then, but clothes tailored to the body are much more common over the years. Now, the extremely skinniness we have seen in recent years may also just be another historical/fashion aberration, and I think we’ve seen mensware moving back to more a happy medium. Generally, though, I think clothes are ultimately supposed to flatter the human shape, not cover it up, and people are more body conscious these days, so I don’t see us going super baggy again any time soon.

  6. What we think about really baggy clothes is ultimately irrelevant because the people who will most likely bring them back are in elementary school right now. Styles come and go for every generation. Old folks who wore tight shirts and shorts in the 70s weren’t exactly sporting baggy clothing in the 90s.


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