Fashion Girls (And Boys) For Japan Sample Sale

— Tue, 29th March 2011 —

Open up your weekend calendars and your wallets. Saturday and Sunday, 4/2-4/3, Fashion Girls for Japan is throwing a massive sample sale featuring over 60 racks of top-tier designers, including Band of Outsiders, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Opening Ceremony, Rachel Comey. Rag + Bone, Richard Chai, Rogan, Shipley & Halmos, Steven Alan, Archetype Showroom, … There’s a $5 minimum donation for entry, and 100% of the proceeds will go to continuing relief efforts in Japan.

Fashion Girls For Japan Sample Sale – Bowery Hotel – 335 Bowery btw E. 2nd & E. 3rd – Terrace – Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-5pm – Map

  1. I hope you’re right, that there will be a good deal of men’s clothing. I’m only going cus you said for boys too…

  2. The purchase tickets in advance is a trick. Im on the same line now as others without tickets. This is confirmed by doorman !! Bullshit

  3. I did see a line to buy tickets on the second floor though…

    Btw, the sale BARELY had any menswear. You know what, now that I think about it, I don’t think there was ANY stuff for men. Well I picked up a Tom Scott knit tee and a R13 cotton tee, I didn’t even care if those were women’s, had to get something to justify the wait and support a good cause.

  4. There was no men’s wear. The women said all they might have are some things that are women’s items that could be worn as unisex. 1.5 hour line was definitely worth that…

  5. Choosy beggar u suck. Ruined my day. What was ur sour u heard about men’s. Wtf

  6. Grumpy little wordsmith…why do you care anyway? You’re probably a sloppy dresser anyway if your typing is any indication.

  7. Fumei has every right to be angry. The owner of the site set us up for failure by not doing his homework properly. There has been some pretty horrendous sample sales he’s informed us about, but this one takes the cake. 5 dollar cover for everyone who was lead there? He’s done decent work in the past, so I can’t complain.. just saying Fumei has a right to be upset. Just sayin’.


  8. Well, if he really asked the sale rep then how can you blame him? It was not his fault that the rep didn’t know a thing about their own sale, and most of the time bloggers are not allowed to preview the sales, what was he gonna do? To be honest, when I was there, I felt like a lot of the staffs weren’t even sure what they were doing, it was just a mess overall.

  9. Yeah , Not just that I went there and waited and had to ask around about if they had mens, we were all tricked into buying the Advanced Tickets for faster entry, when the ticket didn’t matter, you had to wait on the same line as other ppl!

  10. Well, if you’re really that desperate for dude clothes, Odin’s having a “sample” sale in East Village. I went today and it was… very Odin… which the majority of the readers here seem to enjoy, so go check it out.

  11. Love you too, Fumei. A rep assured us they’d have menswear. Apologies to all of you who went out of your way this weekend, or purchased tickets in advance, but we do get bad information on occasion. And Anon, while we do our best to predict the strength of upcoming sales — based on past events, expected stock/brands, rep feedback, etc. — there are way too many variables to guarantee your personal shopping success. Even shopping at retail is an imperfect science.

  12. Thanks to you Choosy, I gave this company/host that ran this sale a pain by bombarding them with emails,calls and demanding my $5 back even though it was donated to charity. I am getting a personal refund from their staff. And it turns out they didn’t even have mens! so what a shame.

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