Graham Withers’ Spring Collection

— Thu, 10th March 2011 —

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If you like your ties trend-proof, locally produced, and reasonably priced, then you’ll find Graham Withers fit to be tied. Before the launch of its spring collection on March 15th, star contributor Sam Jacobs got acquainted with the Brooklyn-born brand and its unique approach to men’s furnishings.

In an age of outsourcing, it’s nice to see one company keep its design, sourcing, and production right here at home. Founded in 2007, Graham Withers trusts a Manhattan-based manufacturer to produce its unique brand of ties, while its two founders, Dave Roma and Paul Hanan, personally make pocket squares from their Long Island workspace.

“Our mission is just to make a great USA made quality product at an affordable price,” says Hanan. “You also won’t see us following trends or anything like that.  All of our designs really come down to the basic [question] ‘What do we want to wear.’  If it’s not something that we ourselves are going to be excited about wearing, then we won’t make it.”

Graham Withers neckties run about $68, while bow ties and pocket squares go for $54 and $22 (or 3 for $45), respectively. “We really try to keep the prices affordable,” Hanan adds. “We would never have prices that are higher than we ourselves would be willing to pay.”

Considering the construction, attention to detail, and friendly price points, these ties are hard to beat. The founders were kind enough to send me a tie from their Spring-Summer 2011 collection. Atypical of a warmer-weather garment, it’s made out of cotton flannel.  The fabric is exceptionally soft, and in my opinion the colors in the plaid pattern give it a year-round feel. They still consider it to be a “non-summer” tie, but include it in the line for a little more versatility.  And, at 2.5″ wide it works perfectly with my narrow lapel suits — any time of year.

Full review by Sam Jacobs

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