J.Press Sample Sale

— Tue, 22nd March 2011 —

Thursday and Friday, 3/24-3/25, get to the J.Press S/S Warehouse Sale for up to 80% off racks and racks of preppy sportswear. Here’s what the last sale looked like. Some guys don’t appreciate J.Press’s conservative cuts, but there’s no denying its quality.

J. Press Warehouse Sale – Onward Kashiyama USA – 530 7th Ave bwtn 38th & 39th – 29th Fl – 11am-6pm Daily – 212-997-3600 – Map

  1. Mr. Beggar, will there be heavy tweed suits, etc., or just S/S stuff? The last sale really wasn’t too long ago (Oct 2010).

    J. Press Rulezzz

  2. Do you know if braces are normally offered for sale at their sample sales?

  3. Damn, starting just after my flight leaves tomorrow… oh well. Next time.

    FYI, at the last one of these, there was lots of tweed (I picked up a nice brown blazer for ~$100).

  4. John. Usually not, last couple of sales I’ve gone to usually had lots of Blazers, Overcoats, Dress Shirts, Ties, Knits, Hats, Pocket Squares, Socks.

  5. how does their stuff fit in general? is it made for husky frat boys or can slim left-wing scum like me fit into it?

  6. Just came back from this sale, it was packed with people. there were lots and lots of jackets/suits. i was looking for coats but they only had maybe 3 or 4 of them.all items 70% off. i didn’t buy anything..

  7. Just got back – extremely small selection of suits and blazers in 36-38. There are a couple of boxes of ties but they’re pretty wide. Lots of dress shirts in all sizes, a few hats. Plenty of suits & blazers in 40+ sizes.

  8. Just came back from the sale as well. Was not impressed – definitely not as good as the fall sale. Ties were pretty lackluster – if you wanted club prints then you’re in luck, but otherwise they didn’t have much by 11:30. The selection was mainly suits and jackets, some three-piece, some seersucker, some madras, some plaid, and even a little tweed.

    The shirts were mostly contrast collar and cuff, and there were zero belts, braces, socks, or other accessories that I saw. Also, very few trousers unless you wanted corduroys or those weird hybrid denim-styled-as-dress-pants that they’re trying to sell.

    My verdict is don’t bother unless you’re in need a suit, contrast collar shirt, or club tie.

  9. @houndsoflove- sorry but i didn’t even tackle the racks of jackets so i don’t know. there were 2 coats in size 44, 1 in size 40.

  10. I bought 2 madras jkts and gabadine suits size 40 and I will come back again tomorrow for seersucker jackets and pants. They have a lot of Spring and Summer merchandise so it really helps me to save money, anyway I am going to buy the Spring Stuff!!!!!

  11. I’d like to complain about the small selection of suits in the 36-39 range, but I did buy one so I guess I should shut up.

  12. Very small selection between 36-40’s. however there are couple racks of 40+ sizes. The shorts and pants were all like 36+ none around 30’s. Lots of hats and left over shirts from the previous sales that no one seems to want.Ties were not good looking not to mention very messy in 3 boxes, I didnt bother to dig through it after the first box. Selection this time around was poor, I usually buy at least 1 thing before I leave from these sales but today I bought nothing.

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