James Perse Sample Sale

— Mon, 7th March 2011 —

Officially, the empty retail space at 382 West Broadway will be hosting a James Perse sample sale from Friday through Sunday, 3/11-3/13. Unofficially, we’re checking to see if it kicks off a day or two early. We’ll keep you posted.

James Perse Sample Sale – 382 W Broadway btw Spring & Broome – Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-4pm – Map

  1. Still not going to pay $40 for one of their t-shirts. We’ll just have to see how good a sale it is.

  2. Agree with Roger. This time, it better be sample sale prices!!!

  3. From the online sale, I got a great long sleeve tee shirt for $19. Hopefully there will be similar or cheaper prices here.

  4. What a joke. Only a matter of time before they get run out of business.

  5. FWIW, I picked up a nice JP polo @ Barney’s sale for $15, which seemed the right price to feel good about the purchase. Not sure how this sale compares.

  6. I do enjoy the James Perse attitude…SoCal comfortable…beachy…unstressed. Yet, the prices, even on sale, are extraordinary! Even if the products were made domestically, it’d be high, but they’re outsourced to China and Thailand. Unless I find a piece of James Perse at a drastic markdown, then I’d be enticed to purchase…otherwise, not a chance

  7. I agree with Wilbur. Great stuff, but the prices at the last sale were ridculous!


  8. i went to the last one not so great still pricy. i found better deals a while back at the t by alex wang sample sale and alex wang to me is better quality and better style

  9. I will say this again 🙂
    Do not buy any of the Paint Spattered sweats or T’s.
    The paint rubs off, it ruined the inside of a white coat I was wearing
    and got all over me.
    Ugh, horrible
    Production fail!

  10. Same sale as before. Lots of selection. Polo’s are $40, if I remember correctly pants were $60. I left empty handed. I don’t really need anything.

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