Nepenthes Relief Effort Sample Sale

— Tue, 15th March 2011 —

If giving directly to the American Red Cross isn’t your bag, Nepenthes is hosting a sample sale on Wednesday, 3/16, featuring Engineered Garments and FWK collections — the full proceeds of which will go to support victims of the earthquake in Japan. Because every penny earned will go to the relief efforts, visitors will be encouraged to pay above list price, or offer monetary donations. [Shophound via Racked]

If you’re not familiar, Nepenthes is a Japanese design collective, of which Engineered Garments is a part, and which represents one the best things to happen to menswear since Beau Brummell. Considering the cause, this event is an absolute must.

Nepenthes Relief Effort Sample Sale – 307 West 38th St btw 8th & 9th – Suite #201 – 10am-9pm – 212 643 9540 – Map

  1. So many charitable retail endeavors use wiggle words like ‘half of all profits’ to disguise how little will actually go to the cause. All proceeds is the way to go. Wish I wasn’t totally broke.

  2. Well, this is a one day thing, so you might as well go check it out and support a good cause, they have a little something for everybody.

  3. EG: Coats – $100, Jackets – $75, Pants – $50, Shirts – $30, Accessories – $20. They also had a rack with some other labels with 75% off. Saw a couple andover jackets, bedfords, corduroy jackets, and some knit sweaters. Saw a lot of vests and pants in various sizes as well.

    When I stopped by about 2 hours ago and it was still pretty good — plus how can you say no to such a good cause.


  4. I went. It was an amazing sale!! They don’t have a ton of merch, but it would have been a good sale whether or not it was tied to a charitable cause. The fact that 100% of the proceeds goes to the Japanese Relief effort makes it A MUST!!

  5. They were re-stocking when I went. Good buy! Don’t miss it.

  6. ohh and got 5 items: two hoodies, a leather hat, a shirt, and PJ bottoms for $140. That’s prob the lowest retail price price point for a single EG item.

  7. anything good from the restock? I left right when they brought it up!!

  8. Went at about 6:30. The staff said there was 80% less stock than what they started with in the morning. Still some very, very nice things. If you haven’t gone yet, go!

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