Richard Chai Sample Sale

— Thu, 3rd March 2011 —

Friday though Sunday, 3/4-3/6, get to The Harbor Room at the Soho Grand for a rare Richard Chai sample sale featuring up to 90% present and past seasons’ stock. Funny that Richie decided to have a sale this season when his brother, Odin co-owner Eddy Chai, didn’t feel need to clear out his three NYC shops with a similar event.

Update: Not a huge surprise, but we just confirmed that Richie’s hosting a pre-sale tonight, 3/3, from 6pm-9pm. No word on door policies, but, per usual, act cool and you should be fine.

Richard Chai Sample Sale – The Harbor Room at the Soho Grand – 310 W Broadway btw Grand & Canal – Fri-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm – Map

  1. It usually seems like half of what is available at Odin sample sales is Richard Chai. And there is usually plenty on the sales rack at Barneys. One of those labels that I don’t know how they stay in business.

  2. The cut of the garments are nice, but the fabrics feel cheap. Richard Chai was there and he looks hot. No ties though.


  3. Agree with Anon – I bought a Richard Chai cotton parka with fur hood from BWS last year and one of the pocket is already coming off the seams! Shoddy craftmanship for sure.

  4. only women’s shoes at this one, anon. 5-6 racks for men, with a table of knits; range includes everything from coats to trousers. i saw mostly sample sizes (M and 32’s), but not sure if they can pull stuff from the back since i didn’t ask. it’s a nice boutique-like experience, with clothes pressed and neatly hung on racks. sales people are available for help. a bit pricey tho, imo; shirts $50, pants $75, outerwear ($175), leather jackets ($250?). might be worth it if you’re a fan.

  5. disagree with anon. i’ve been a fan since he started his mens line and love the feel and cut of his clothes. quality is top rate.


  6. Love his clothes. Top rate in quality and style. I can see why he won the mens CFDA award. There’s a good selection @ the sample sale at Odin – which is a fav store of mine. Mens shoes this time. The staff was friendly and told me they will be restocking each day.

  7. I just left the sale and there’s a nice selection. Being in the industry, I can knowledgeably say the craftmanship is excellent and well constructed.

  8. I just scored big time! Boots were $95, shoes $75. I know it’s summer but who could pass up such a bargain – boots are slamming! I also got a super soft thin cotton shirt for $35 – amazing feel to it. Prices are amazing. It was definitely worth the trip.

  9. I stopped in because a friend of mine was at the last one and found some good deals for himself and his girlfriend. Just don’t make the same mistake as me and make sure you know your girlfriend’s size. There’s a good selection to choose from and the prices were great for men. I don’t know much about pricing for women but I overheard a few say that they couldn’t believe it and I had to wait in line for them to try on all their dresses but it was worth the wait. I left with a blazer, shirt, shorts and a dress for my girlfriend.

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