Tretorn Online Tent Sale

— Mon, 21st March 2011 —

Tuesday only, 3/22, from 9am to 11:59pm, Swedish sportswear brand Tretorn is hosting its second online tent sale ever featuring deep discounts on present and past seasons’ footwear and apparel. Stylish footwear doesn’t get much more functional than this.

To receive the link to the online tent sale as it goes live tomorrow, you can either:

  1. Picked up some sweaters that I like from them the last time around.

  2. anyone know how the slip on shoes fit? some say to order half a size smaller than normal, not sure how accurate this is

  3. Upgrayedd. Aside from the need to reload a bunch to get into the site, the sale is much better than last time, when the selection was mixed and sizes were hard to come by. I ordered 5 items around 10:30 and everything that I wanted was in my size (M). It took some will power to keep from ordering more.

  4. Ugh. Forgot all about this this morning. Would have loved to have snagged the Balte belt, Dag Tote bag (Blue/Yellow), and the Skymning cardigan.

    Ended up ‘leaving” with the Ormberget Duffle coat in the lighter gray and the Johan Mossa cable knit hat.

    Winston S.

  5. Any idea what materials they’re using in their apparel, particularly knits?

  6. I would say the cut is more on the trim side……I can typically wear both M and L. I found when I bought some items during the first tent sale, none of the mediums fit and quickly became holiday gifts for my smaller friends!

  7. It turns out they had issues again with their inventory tracking. I received 3 of the 5 items I ordered. To make up for the other 2, they offered 15% off non-sale items (not nearly as great of a deal). The size 13 shoes fit, the M polo was slimmer and a little shorter than a standard RL polo, and the shorts fit a little looser than a 32. I’m very satisfied with the order and the quality of the items, but wish the inventory was accurate or a substitution was offered instead of the limited-use coupon code.

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