Alan Flusser Custom Clearance Sale

— Tue, 26th April 2011 —

Calling all trads! Friday and Saturday only, 4/29-4/30, a friend of ours is unloading 500 luxury menswear items from the Alan Flusser Custom Shop. We’re talking “$4000 suits and $250 ties … at clearance prices,” he tells us. Well known in sartorial circles, Flusser’s inspiration is “Savile Row style soft tailoring circa 1940, adapted to contemporary lives and tastes,” he explains. Along with ready-to-wear pieces, here are some of the fabrics to be offered. Also worth noting, as the sale’s taking place in the same building as CEGO‘s new headquarters, expect to find some nice shirting, too.

Alan Flusser Custom Clearance Sale – 246 Fifth Avenue at 28th St – Suite 511 – Fri 12pm-7pm, Sat 10am-4pm – Map

  1. Thanks for the feature! Please note that the sale hours are 12-7 Friday but 10-4 Saturday.

    Flusser Sale

  2. Will the items be left over from peoples custom and made to measure orders? Or does Flusser have a ready to wear line?
    Is Flusser hosting the sale?

  3. Imagine it will be a mix of made-to-measure and custom leftovers, but we’ll double check. Don’t expect to find Flusser as he’s got nothing to do with this event.

  4. Does anyone know about the quality of Flusser”s ready to wear products? What does it compare to?

  5. Really disappointing. I don’t mean to sound harsh but it looks like a salvation army sale. The suits and jackets are VERY limited, about 30 suits and 30 jackets.
    Most on lager sizes (above 40). Mostly double breasted jackets and double pleat trousers for very wide men. I didn’t bother asking for prices.
    The shirts on further inspection some had stains on it, some looked worth out, nothing worth the time.
    Some interesting pocket squares and handkerchiefs ($20 and $30) but it’s about it.

  6. This is the first time Famed internet sale store Mack11211 has ever run a real sale.
    Is he a bit Disorganized? yes, but there are some great items
    beautiful socks, ties. pocket squares
    it will take some work, but there are some fantastic suits and sport coats
    knit shirts have just been placed on the tables

    It is worth the trip if you are patient

  7. Great fabric. Worth it to get CEGO to make some shirts for you.

  8. Flusser sale here! Thank you all for your reports. We continue to refine the sale. Shirting fabric ($25’yard) and suiting fabric ($50/yard) are moving well, as are pocket squares ($20-$30) and ties ($50-$60). There is a great selection of suits & coats in the showroom sample size of 41L Dress and casual socks that retailed for $100 are marked down to $10. We’re here till 7 tonight and from 10-4 tomorrow. Do pay us a visit!

    Flusser Sale

  9. I agree with Sambarock. Complete waste of time. Was insulting for Alan Flusser to be associated with that sale. Horrible selection, disorganized sizing, and some random leftovers from the CEGO sale.

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