Band of Outsiders 1-Day Sample Sale

— Thu, 21st April 2011 —

Had you, like us, written off Band‘s suede baseball jacket as a crazy pipe dream? Well, tonight, from 6pm-9pm, the rules that normally govern us all go out the window. For a brief, magical moment in time, what was up will be down; what was unrealistic will be realistic; and suede jackets that ran $1,600 will go for… well, likely a lot less than $1,600. Carpe diem, gentleman. Just remember to RSVP at

Band of Outsiders Sample Sale – 328 Broome St btw Chrystie & Bowery – 4/21 6pm-9pm – Map

  1. Heh. Just send you an e-mail about this CB. Since it’s their showroom, I assume it’s a safe bet they’ll take cards?

    And as a follow-up, did anyone get a response from the RSVP?

  2. I was wondering the same thing, I emailed them 2 times and am still awaiting a response………keep me updated.

  3. Is anyone going to be posting while at the sale, I cant go until late and want to know if it will be worth it…….or you can email me now and Ill give you my number if you wouldnt mind shooting me a call from the sale, thanks 🙂

  4. @Samuel

    Come on man. I feel you’re pushing it here with this “please update me” request. Just check the comments on here and hope for the best.

  5. Man, I never thought I’d say it, but I do kind of hope they enforce the RSVP list. This thing could turn into a free-for-all pretty quick otherwise. Otherwise we’re all going to be throwing elbows with confused droppers-by or Boy by Band hungry sample sale mercenaries.

  6. Ditto. It’s going to be a madhouse otherwise. I RSVPd but haven’t heard back. I’m guessing it won’t mean anything. Thinking of skipping this one. Sometimes the frenzy isn’t worth the discount.

  7. @Largo, @mc

    Fully agree. We don’t stand a chance against the cult following band mercs!

  8. For a 3 hours sale I don’t really know what I’m standing in line for…

  9. Just left. Full range of sizes, lots of shirts but a mix of passable styles and some weird wool-ish cowboy shirts. Some shorts, little to no tailoring or sportswear that I saw, def no leathers. Shirts are $65, polos $50, sweaters $100, sperrys (size 10 only and looking beat) $75. Tons of ties of all kinds for $40, 3 for $100, 6 for $180. Some shorts in time for summer. Not a terrible line but theyre really not letting people in that often. And they didn’t check my email.

  10. I RSVP’d about 20min before getting there (arrived at 6:15) and they never even checked any list. I was about #15 in line and had to wait about 10min. The stock was so so… Lots of ties, bowties and some beat up sperry’s. There were a lot of shirts in every size and I picked up three great check pattern shirts. One I will ebay.. There was also a pretty good polo selection for $50 each. They fit great and I am regretting not getting more. Over the half hour I was there the stock of the good colors and patterns noticeably dwindled. There were some shorts, pajama pants and a few other odds and ends. Overall it was pretty good for button downs and polos, although they didn’t have too much other good stuff.

  11. the main thing they had was buttons downs…and most of the patterns were pretty weak in my opinion. i got one shirt. a thin button down. fits awesome.

  12. Just out of curiosity, did anyone see any chinos? Doesn’t sound like it.

  13. Not sure where people saw tailoring stuff. I was like… 10th in line before they opened and I immediately asked for suits. The guy standing by the ties/bow ties said he had no idea if there were any. It was a small lofty room and I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a shirt, a polo, a short or a pajama pant. I saw zero jackets or actual pants. If you saw any, where were they?

  14. Did anyone notice the women’s selection? Is it worth going to today?

  15. Amanda: I think it’s over. Sale was only last night from what I am reading above.

    Winston S.

  16. Sale actually continued today, and I think it goes until 6 p.m. I went earlier. There was no suiting and no pants for men. Overall, I was unimpressed.

  17. Would it somehow made them uncool to have posted the dates and times in advance? Ich don’t think so

  18. just bought a pair of those crazy fur boots for $20. I talked them down to an amazing price…yet I still feel like the sucker somehow…

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