Bonobos 50% off Spring Sale

— Tue, 12th April 2011 —

Through the end of the month, get over to Signpost for $50 off $100 worth of Bonobos pants and sportswear. Just be sure to keep an eye on the fine print. You need to be a new customer to Bonobos, for one, and the 50% off voucher must be used in full. Happy shopping.

  1. I have been curious about Bonobos pants for years but never got a pair. This seems like a pretty good deal and I am tempted to give it a try. Anyone have any real person feedback? It seems like far too many of their styles are bootcut.

  2. I’ve seen on their website a small influx of “slim” fit pants in standard fabrics. They’re relying too much on bootcut for a company that claims to be fashion-forward and having the “best fitting dress pants” I’ve also seen a few pairs of jeans come out of them…now that caught my interest. I would look into a pair of Bonobos slim/skinny fit denim with their “butt lifting” technology and non-gaping waistband.

    Can the 50% be used for non-Bonobos-branded products like shoes, swimsuits, or accessories?

  3. I don’t understand how this is any different than their referral program that runs year round. ($50 off $100).

  4. i actually hate the non-gaping waistband, as it is the most uncomfortable part of the garment

  5. I have purchased a couple pairs of their chinos this year and have really enjoyed them. The both the material and construction quality are solid. They fit true to size, and I love that they offer odd sizes (35 yay!). Their clearance section usually has some good finds mixed in with some more “interesting” fabric patterns. They also carry a lot of other merchandise on the site as well.

  6. You can also use the following coupon: OZYAHPBY to get 30% off your total order (if it’s your first time ordering from the site. So suddenly you’re paying $50 for $150 off.

    Get on it!


  7. My experience is that the heavier-wool dress pants actually aren’t that well constructed. They fit like sweat pants through the crotch, which was a bit more … immodest than I’d hoped. Those had to go back. For the price, I expected better. Bonobos certainly aren’t at the level of Incotex trousers.

    I do enjoy the two pairs of Bonobos I kept, but even those I don’t think live up to Bonobos’ “best fitting pants” claims (then again, I’m pretty much a sample size and don’t have trouble finding pants that fit and flatter).

  8. anyone have luck with that additional OZYAHPBY code, Will shared – didnt work for me just now?