Earnest Sewn Sample Sale

— Tue, 19th April 2011 —

Through Sunday, 4/24, get to the Earnest Sewn sample sale featuring stock jeans for $60, sample denim for $40, and various apparel for $15-$100.

Earnest Sewn – 821 Washington St btw Gansevoort & Little W 12th St – 2nd Fl – 10am-8pm Daily – Map

  1. Stopped by this weekend, nice shirts for $30 if you buy 2 or more, some knits and jackets for $40 to $60 and of course denim. Worth checking out.

  2. So it just kicked off or it started from over the weekend? How picked over is it? Get on the ball CB.

  3. I just got back from the sale and it wasn’t too crowded and the stock was nicely organized. Brian – apparently the sale started on Saturday but the cashier told me I came at a good time since it wasn’t that busy at all (which is what I think CB meant by it “just kick off.”) Either way it was worth going, wound up with a pair of light colored “damaged” jeans for $40. Loved the fit and cut so couldn’t go wrong.

    According to same cashier they are expecting another shipment at some point this afternoon.

    Definitely worth checking out.

  4. Good variation of styles. Looked like 34 and larger were going fast. I overheard about a shipment maybe tomorrow. Picked up 2 damaged jeans for $30 a piece. The few damaged jeans I saw were mixed in with the sample stock, some were already hemmed, the ones I picked up had a small tear in the knee, the other in the back pocket. Well worth the price. T-shirts were 2 for $20, got 2 slim fitting v-necks. The shirts, sweater and jackets looked very low quality imo.

    Kids jeans are $25 and also Kids K-Way windbreakers in yellow, blue & red for $20.

    Solid sale!

    Nacho Broadway

  5. Any word on when today’s shipment will be unpacked and on the floor?

  6. longtime fan of ES, but I have to say that they’re losing a lot of steam for me. I prefer skinnier legs, less garish stitching, slimmer shirts, etc. still grabbed a pair of selvedge fultons with a small hole near the belt loop for $30. hard to complain even though they feel a bit like a bootcut!

  7. Dropped by this sale today…boxes in smaller sizes were depleted (3 pairs of jeans in the 29-30 slim cut box), but they said they were getting a huge shipment in today…I am on the lookout for a light colored pair of jeans so this may do the trick.

  8. Thanks db. I mean what’s pictured in that thread definitely does not look like selvedge from what I understand. I like raw and all, but do have a pair of selvedge Gilded Age jeans that are not raw that I love.

    Winston S.

  9. What was the landscape like for woven/button down shirts? Thanks.

  10. The Woven / Button down shirts were all in a box from sizes 1-5. I heard they get shipment almost daily, signs and the reps there. Not totally sure though. Most of the shirts left are more thicker ones not the summer kind, those have been picked out (I bought 4 alone today). Still plenty of denim, shirts, jackets and sweaters left around.

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