Gitman Bros. Hits Century 21

— Wed, 6th April 2011 —

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A gracious reader just hit us up with a killer combination: A Century 21 spot check featuring Gitman Bros. shirting! “Figuring I’ve gotten more than my fair share of deals via The Beggar, I figured it’s time to build some good karma and file a quick report,” says our friend Doneiver.

Coming back from C21, Doneiver writes: “In the men’s accessories department I found some nicelinen pocket squares made in Italy for $8.50, as well as some fun Italian wool socks in tons of colors and patterns for $5. The real find though, buried in the small back room under the staircase near the west side entrance were 2 racks of Gitman Bros. button downs. First up were the madras, plaid, window pane and oxfords for $49.97. The second rack priced at $39.97 consisted mostly of contrast collar options with a few less mainstream color/pattern options. All made in the USA of course. Beyond this, most of the mens racks consisted of your typical Calvin Klein, Nautica, DKNY labels. I did however see a nice pair of beige Kiton dress slacks upstairs for $400 marked down from $1700(!). Happy hunting.”
Century 21 – 22 Cortlandt St between Church & Broadway – 212-227-9092 – Map

  1. Always one of my first choices when I’m looking for a pocket square or tie in a specific color. Picked up a bowtie and two pocket squares the last time I was there.


  2. Great tip. As soon as I read this I walked right across the street to check it out and picked up three shirts. It seems that Gitman oxford shirts are 39.97 and Gitman Vintage Shirts are 49.97. I have never seen them that cheap. Few vintage smalls left, lots of mediums. I asked the manager there if they have more in stock. He said they do, but is not sure when the shirts will be put out on the floor.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Heading after work – will report back.

  4. I was able to pick up 6 Gitman Vintage Shirts for $30 at the Barney’s Warehouse Sales. All types: Oxfords, Plaids, and Flannels.

  5. Just picked up Gitman Bros Vintage cotton twill shirt from Blomingdales for 48 bucks…there were a bunch more too.

  6. Century 21 also has a good selection of Gitman ties for $20. They have about 2 racks worth on the back wall of the tie section.

  7. only mediums left are the checker with white collar. Some larges left.
    If anyone is the mood of spending there are some beautiful cashmere Kiton and Brioni suits ,1k a pop (a bargain by some standards).


  8. @sambarock – only mediums left at bloomies or century 21?

  9. Any updates? Looking for mediums. Were the checker/white collar the only mediums left at Bloomingdales or Century 21?

    Any info would be well appreciated.

  10. Thechoosybeggar effect has taken its toll on the stock apparently.

    Winston S.