Jil Sander Sample Sale

— Wed, 20th April 2011 —

Through the end of the month, get to 8 Crosby St for that rare Jil Sander sample sale featuring serious discounts on 80% off present and past seasons’ stock.

Jil Sander Sample Sale – 8 Crosby St btw Howard & Grand – 4th Fl – Wed-Fri (4/20-4/22) 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun Closed, Mon-Sat (4/25-4/30) 10am-6pm – Map

  1. Invitation is not required – I was just there and saw 80% off the fall/winter collection

  2. mens suits, winter coats some dress shirts, nice shoes, and boots. White and black colors in the shoes..everything 80 off

  3. No Invite required and 80% off confirmed. Just got back from the sale and left with a pair of cream colored calf skin boots that were originally $625 for $136 (after tax)! Sadly according to one of the employees what’s left is all they’re getting.

  4. Just got back. Sweater stock is dwindling. Shoes are still available but if youre a 42.5 or 9.5, dont bother. Still some suits available, dress shirts, and jeans. Jeans are actually 90% off. My pair were orignally $455 down to $42 or something like that.

  5. David: are jeans 90% off?!?!!? I looked at a few but at those prices…..

  6. Damn…I bought jeans last night but they only gave me 80% off…you sure it wasn’t a mistake?

  7. Yeah, I got a pair of denim-ish looking dress pants and they knocked 90% off of those, too. Not marked anywhere mind you, so I guess it’s luck of the draw.

  8. How much are the dress shirts, suits, and has anyone seen any ties there? If so, how much are those? Also any nice blazers? Thanks a ton

  9. Dress shirts are $60-$80, but only white/gray ones with stripes at this point or contrast collars (no solids). Saw 2-3 ties yesterday, prob none left. Blazers were really nice but will still run you $300+

  10. Thanks so much Adam, maybe I will catch you at the Band Of Outsiders sale if we are so lucky to get in!

  11. Yes the jeans were 90% off.

    And there were a few dress pants, but not much. they had one pair with all those organic shapes on it but it still cost like $200 on sale. They also had leather jackets, one with shearling on it for $3000+, and some suits in unique fabric/colors. I’m going back at five to meet some friends, and I don’t expect a lot to be left in my size. If you are a little bigger, you might have luck in the sizing.

  12. Was just there again – sales guy said jeans were 80% off, but another SA said older seasons jeans were 90% off. I was already picking up some bags so I didn’t really feel like digging through for the elusive 90% off jeans. Definitely picked over versus yesterday.

    No ties left.

  13. I went back for the 2nd time today, and the coat check lady said tomorrow they are replenishing the stock – same styles as today, just more of it. Also, this afternoon they had additional styles of shoes they didn’t have this morning. I say check it out tomorrow if you can!

  14. Went today and nothing was really left for the guys, 2 racks of 2 shirts in different sizes, 1-3 types of suits in different sizes and denims. The shoes were all white calfs, desert boots or the most disgusting looking sandals. It irritated me that they didn’t let you leave with the shoe boxes since I am fond of keeping my shoes in my boxes are stacking my boxes, old habit from collecting sneakers and shoes…

  15. let me know if they replenish the ties! What were the prices on the suits?

  16. Does anyone know if they marked the prices down yet? On women’s too? Thanks

  17. Still 80% RTW for men and women. I saw one minimal rag of 90% men’s RTW but very limited sizing

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