Montblanc Friends & Family Sale

— Wed, 27th April 2011 —

Thursday and Friday, 4/28-4/29, Montblanc is hosting its semiannual friends and family sale featuring fountain pens down from $600 to $150; leather bags down from $1,000 to $250; … See some thorough reviews of the last sale here.

Montblanc Friends & Family Sale – Palace Hotel – 455 Madison Ave at 50th – 4th Fl – Thurs 8:30am-5:30pm, Fri 8:30am-4:30pm – Credit Cards OnlyMap

  1. Hi, Does anyone know if they usually sell watchbands/straps (without the actual watch) at these events? Thank you

  2. They sold watch straps at the last one and the prices varied depending on the type of leather. Will be checking this one out later today.

    Winston S.

  3. I just got back from there, didnt even get in because the line was so long and didnt move……..heard selection was no where near as good as previous ones from another shopper

  4. I went at ten o’clock this morning. Took one look at the line to get in and decided to leave. Someone halfway through the line told me they had been waiting an hour. I would decide before making the trip that you definitely want to buy something. Maybe next time….Although a girl in the elevator was leaving with a new attache case.

  5. pretty nuts this morning… i showed up at 9am, and the line was to the elevator; it took 2 hours to get inside, because the line moved painfully slow. they were limiting the shoppers inside so it’s not chaos. i found the stock similar to sales past. there were a few new watches. pocket and binder-style agendas were great deals at $25 (leather). maybe 4-5 styles of briefcases, some portfolios. jewelry, sunglasses, cufflinks, and money clips were available. i only saw 1 white limited edition leather wallet left at 12pm (i think $110). there was a nice assortment of fountain pens, Meisterstucks (resin, metals), Starwalkers (i saw 1 rubber, a few resin, black mystery, and cool blue), Bohemes (a few resins only, mostly precious metals like gold and platinum left), Etoile. maybe 3-5 limited editions (Patron of the Arts, Writer’s Edition). 2 limited edition Soulmakers for 100yrs (i picked up the Boheme style). the rollerballs/ballpoints were going fast though, as most of the attention was on those. there is a limit of 5 pens per person, and it seemed most people were buying 4-5. i found this one consistent with others years past. it’s a good deal if you’re into pens, agendas, or cufflinks.

  6. Went at about 2:45 and there was no line to get in, but looked like most stuff was picked over already. Didn’t see anything worth buying as far as pens go. Nothing less than $150 when I was there. Ended up picking up one of the address books which I’ll probably use as a checkbook for $25. Selection definitely not as good as the last time around, but maybe because it’s getting more popular? Went around the same time last time around as stock was better.

    One men’s watch left (automatic) $598 in tank style and a few women’s watches. Didn’t really bother looking at prices for women’s watches as they’re nothing I would buy as a gift.

    Otherwise Iseya’s review is good, but not much left on pen front and I overheard they will not be restocking them.

    Winston S.

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