Oak Sample Sale

— Thu, 14th April 2011 —

Friday through Sunday, 4/15-4/17, Oak is hosting its semiannual sample sale featuring up to 85% off overstock and samples from the house label, along with Hyden Yoo, Standard Issue, Funktional, Them Atelier, Pleasure Principle, … Here‘s what an Oak sample sale looks like.

Update: Oak itself just posted 38 sale pics on Facebook.

Oak – 208 North 8th St btw Driggs & Roebling – 718-782-0521 – Fri-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 11am-7pm – Map

  1. I hope this doesn’t sound offensive, but I find it amazing that The Choosy Beggar always manage to make sales like Oak look like an Odin sale. I understand that it’s important to present the “wearable” part of the sale, but isn’t it more important to cover the overall image of the sale? You can’t assume all the readers here will just go for the conservative look,, I’m pretty sure Oak’s main offering is not plaid button downs anyway….

  2. Funny, at the last Oak sale, we remember being surprised by how similar the offerings were to Odin’s. But we get your point, B, and admit that when presented with style extremes — from cubiclewear to the asymmetrical avant garde — we often gravitate toward the middle.

  3. Keep doing what you’re doing Beggar, this web site has a good sense of its audience. I personally have been able to assemble a pretty solid wardrobe partly based on your recommendations, one that is forward without being overly edgy. Sample sales are loaded with “experiments” that might seem like a good idea in the dressing room but end up languishing in your closet. No one is saving money buying stuff they won’t wear or that goes out of style in a week. If you are the kind of person that can pull off a more avante garde look, you probably have a good idea already what Oak will have to offer.

  4. Thanks Travis — For the encouraging words, and for taking the time to articulate what we should have taken the time to articulate… Crowdsourcing at it’s best!

  5. ……………….It’s not like I’m discrediting your work or something, otherwise why would I be here, typing? Because I want to contribute, give suggestions that I think are relevant, if everybody here think what I said was non-sense, I’ll be right out the door. I’m simply saying that since every sale you covered had at least 3 pictures, why don’t just include a bit of the “extremes”, while the main focus is the “middle”, even it’s just a “btw” kind of mentioning, to let people know that certain kind of stuff is there, instead of simply not mentioning at all. Just because most people prefer to stay in the “middle” doesn’t mean the “extremes” don’t exist, I just felt there was a little “hidden judgment” here, not that it was your intention. Anyway, i don’t even know what I’m saying anymore, keep up with the great work I guess.

  6. Hey B, definitely keep posting! I’ve seen the site do some “Hey this isn’t for everyone”-type coverage. Usually its more on the conservative side like J Press or Hart Schaffner Marx but I think you’re saying you’d like to see more on the other end as well which is totally valid.

    On a side note about Oak, I was kind of surprised myself to see Gant Rugger stuff there the last time I stopped by.

  7. was there around 4:30 today. pretty crowded. mens is all mixed in with the ladies. not well organized. kind of a mess. most of the stuff was pretty hipstery. left empty handed.

  8. just checked it out – waste of time. It’s a disorganized mess, and the inventory there hasn’t been bought for a reason.


  9. Anyone spot any Nudie’s? They had a pair of High Kai on the website a few months ago…hoping they maybe have them there.

  10. Ohooo kakvo li e stavalo na Oak Hill sasgalen sam donqkade s teb Отвратен ama tova si e veche sa normalni neshta. Qvno si ot postaroto pokolenie bez da te obijdam. Obache si kaji nqma li da se kefish ako prqvqt nqkoj nesta pred teb HAHAH

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