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— Tue, 10th May 2011 —

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For your reviewing pleasure, star contributor and Crabapple blogger Sam Jacobs just hit up one of his favorite events of the year — Gant‘s semiannual sample sale blowout. Here‘s what readers have been saying about this week’s sale, and here’s Sam’s take:

As with seasons’ past, I wait for the day I receive that coveted e-mail inviting me to the Gant Sample Sale. This season was no exception, and I arrived as close to the start as I possibly could….

While in the past I had no problem over-stuffing my arms with sport jackets, sweaters, shirts, and accessories, I found this sale’s selections to be less – for lack of a better word – deep.  There was a smattering of Michael Bastian for Gant merchandise, and an entire wall (plus) of Rugger pieces.  I personally prefer the fit of the classic Gant collection.  I wear their regular fit shirts in medium.  There was very little selection in this size – most stock was in LARGE.  There were also a number of sweaters in all sizes, rugby’s, polos, and other knits – none of which jumped out at me.  To be honest, many of them looked like items I’d passed over the last couple of sales.  Even the sport jackets were a little light.  There were some Spring pieces mixed with some obviously Fall/Winter pieces.  Some looked like the new collection; others were a few seasons old.  There is plenty of stock, though in shorts, swim, cuff links, socks, and caps.  This season they’re finally selling sunglasses, and more shoes than in the past.

I personally picked up two shirts – one madras, and one striped oxford, 4 pair of socks, a belt, two ties, and a wallet.  I may return at the end of the week to see what is left.  It never hurts to look at these sales twice.  You could have missed something really great, and considering this sale only happens twice a year, you may never see that item again.

Price List:

  • SS Shirts – $25
  • LS Shirts – $29
  • LS Polos, rugby’s, Sweatshirts – $29
  • SS Polos – $19
  • Sweaters (Cotton, wool) – $35
  • Sweaters (Cashmere) – $45
  • T-Shirts – $15
  • Pants – $29
  • Shorts – $20
  • Blazers – $98
  • Leather/Suede – $195
  • Outerwear (light) – $50
  • Outerwear (heavy) – $98
  • Vests – $45
  • Bags (Cloth, & small leather) – $30
  • Bags (washbag/small) – $15
  • Belts – Cloth – $15
  • Belts – Leather – $25
  • Cufflinks – $19
  • Hats – $15
  • Leather Bags – Small – $50
  • Leather Bags – Large – $75
  • Scarves – $19
  • Shoes – $15
  • Small Accessories – $10
  • Socks – single pair – $8
  • Socks – 3-pack – $21
  • Sunglasses – $15
  • Swim – $25
  • Ties/Bowties – $19
  • Wallets/Small Leather Goods – $19

Gant Sample Sale – Gant Showroom – 20 W 55th St between 5th & 6th – 11 fl – Tues-Thur 8:30am-6:30pm, Fri 8:30am-5pm – 212-230-1949 Map

  1. since the posters on the other thread for Gant are so hateful and mean, can someone tell me how the shirts fit at Gant? i’m a medium in jcrew button downs, but i dont have abs of steel.

  2. Bubu – I wear M at J.Crew, and they are still a little snug around the middle, but I am transitioning from L which are too big now. Personally, I like the GANT M in Regular fit, as they fit like J.Crew M around the shoulders and back, but are a little roomier in the middle. GANT Collection also has EZ Fit which is a little slimmer (more like J.Crew M), and Trim Fit which are more like the J.Crew Slim Fit. Rugger as a general rule fits more like the Trim Fit. I don’t have enough experience with the Michael Bastian stuff to give a fair assessment.
    I hope this helped.

  3. Bubu,

    If you wear a Medium in J. Crew, I’d say you’re a Medium in the regular line (slightly fuller cut) and I’d consider you a Large in the Rugger line. Just go to the sale and try a M/L in both lines and you’ll figure it out quickly. They have a bathroom available in the back with a mirror as well as a full length mirror by the men’s section. Good luck pal.

  4. Hey everyone, I went to the sale yesterday at 1:00 as friends and family, and bought a Bastian sweater and rugger rugby, totaling 64 dollars. They did not have much Bastian, but I would say they had a good amount of Rugger in medium. I usually wear small/x-small in most brands, but the medium in Rugger/Bastian fits farely well, with maybe a little extra space in the chest. Anyone wearing a size large will have a field day at the sale. Good Luck!

  5. Size Medium they only had a lot of the kinda ugly rugby shirts.. some swim suits.. some pants.. No rugger stuff at all left. Few good jackets if you’re in to that sort of stuff. Was a bit underwhelmed with selection, but if you’re just looking for a simple sweater or rugby there are plenty to be had.

  6. For the larger guys going to this sale. There were shirts/blazers/sweaters in XL and no pants/slacks/jeans in any size greater than 34. There were Xl belts. So go pick up a tie and a belt.

  7. Stopped by the sample sale today, and was searching through the ruins. Found some goodies though. Picked up a gant striped sweater and a gant rugger knit sweater for $35 each, a pair of gant chinos for $39 and a pair of gant shorts for $20. Total was $119. These pants are going to be perfect for the summer, and I couldn’t have left happier. Things are askew at the sale, but still some good finds, particularly if your looking for swimwear or rugby inspired polos. No Bastian gear however :v(

  8. Yeah, I got there at 11am and there was practically nothing Rugger size M or 32. Barneys Warehouse Sale had a lot of Rugger shirts for about $30 when the additional discounts kicked in, and there is plenty of Gant Rugger on the sales rack at Sacks and Macy at the end of the season. Think I’ll skip this one in the future.

  9. This one is always solid for me and this time was no exception, I got a perfect M. Bastain Pink and Olive Polo for 20 bucks. And I’ve had it on ever since, the Mason’s sale in the Penthouse is great and the people are really helpful. I got a couple of very slim Cargo Pants there

  10. Dear Choosy Beggar–Can you moderate comments a little? Douchebags are really hurting this site.

  11. Does anyone know if they’re planning on making final reductions for Friday? I work around the corner and I’ve already been twice, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go again for more discount.

  12. wait, is there a masons sale associated w this? Are they related to Gant? If so what are the details?

  13. There’s a different sample sale on the top floor in the same building–suits, pants, flashier dress shirts and polos. Mostly European brands I haven’t heard of, but some Dunhill polos and EB by Mason’s pants. Worth checking out if you’re there, but don’t expect to find much.

  14. Went yesterday. found the one pair of 36″ waist pants in the place. I’m usually a 34, but their 34″s are more like 32. Shirts were great. Went up to the top and got a nice pair of pants and shirt as well. Cash only upstairs. Anyone hitting up Report Collection tomorrow?

  15. Got the email today…..additional discounts effective Friday, May 13th!!

  16. Still plenty of stock left, just need a bit more time to rummage through the piles. And the additional discount is worth it! L/S shirt for $19, sweater for $25, swimwear for $19.

  17. how much are sports jackets? are there any blue ones left? thanks

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