Comme des Garcons Warehouse Sale

— Tue, 3rd May 2011 —

Do you love Comme? Otherwise, you might want to steer clear of its “first-ever” warehouse sale. Sure to be a shit show, the event is scheduled for Friday through Monday, 5/6-5/9, and should feature up to 70% ready-to-wear and heart-covered accessories. With what we’re told is ten years of stock, and daily replenishments, you’d be better off waiting until the second or last day. You die-hards, meanwhile, can try your luck at the exclusive, Thursday-night press event.

Comme des Garcons Warehouse Sale – Croatian Church – 504 W 41st St btw 10th & 11th – Fri-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-8pm, Mon 10am-7pm – Map

  1. I want that black sweater with the heart on it, the one I saw raf simons wearing. I wonder how much that is!

  2. i will have to show for this one! its been a while beggar. how are you? haha

    mr billy

  3. random thought – not sure if this is even possible, but it’d be awesome if there was a button (perhaps next to the Map link) that you click on and it automatically adds the event, with dates/times/locations, to your gmail calendar.

  4. Why wait until the last two days? Is there an expectation of further markdowns?

  5. Great, Thanks for asking, Mr. Billy. Glad we could get your attention.

    Interesting, We’ll see if we can make that happen, Asa.

    This likely issue is crowds, J. No word on additional markdowns, but we’re told they have a ton of stock (ten years worth!) — which will be replenished daily — so perhaps wait until the crowds die down to pounce… This is the non-die hard strategy, remember.

  6. looking forward to hearing if this is crashable tonight


  7. If you were to guess, how many people are going to turn up for the first day?

  8. Anyone going tonight please post pricelist

    Nacho Broadway

  9. It’s hot out, so if you haven’t left yet you should probably wait for a few hours…..

  10. 50% Comme De Garcons Black
    70% Comme De Garcons everything else
    wallets, bags, shoes, clothing, barbie dolls, etc 🙂

  11. arrived 10:10am, 35 minute wait on line. In the basement of a dimly lit church, racks of vampire inspired clothes. Many resellers grabbing anything with their “heart” logo on it. Still overpriced. Horrible use of my time. Better investment and quality at the upcoming Gant.

    Nacho Broadway

  12. Lots of Junya Wantanabe gear in addition to the Comme de Garcons clothes. Saw some Nike x Junya Wantanabe trainers but only in size 9 :v(

    Left the store with a CDC x Fred Perry polo for $45 and a CDC coin purse for $30. My friend left with several Kaws x CDC tees and some Keds x Junya Wantanabe sneakers. Will probably visit again tomorrow

  13. IDK what sample sale Nacho Broadway went to but there wasn’t any of the CDC Play collection (the only collection that has the well known heart emblem with two eyes). Perhaps it was because he couldn’t find anything to buy (one of the few because it appeared that 80% of people that went in left with something). And definitely not many resellers, mostly mid 20’s slim guys and girls. I’m figuring all the smalls and mediums are gone by now. I was lucky to find the large Fred Perry polo I bought.

    And no, there wasn’t any fragrance’s Dan. Pretty much everything else though.

  14. Went to the sale, lots of hot chicks, not many “standard clothes” and left empy handed.

  15. Louis, I got there at 3:45p ad I found a heart t shirt with eyes in it. I don’t know how I ended up getting it b/c they were vey scarce. Someone must have put it back b/c I remember looking where the tshirts were and it wasn’t there at first. Also got a cool CDG bag for $135. I don’t know if I would go to their sale again. The line was so long and alot of weird looking thing. Not lady Gaga weird (which I like) but what-the-hell weird.


  16. Anybody see any shenanigans on their receipt afterwards? I had about a 180 bottom line, but noticed a 90 dollar tax charge on top of that. Not sure if theyll be accommodating if I head back tomorrow.

  17. I don’t think size is a problem at all for this sale. Even though this is not a sample sale, a lot of the pieces are “the only ones” and had only one or two in quantity to begin with, it’s not like every item had full sizes available. Not to mention they are gonna refresh the stock every day.

  18. Largo, now that you mention it it’s true. I bought three things. A CDG bag for $125, a Junya Wantanabe jacket for $159 and a heart face t shirt for $36. Why was my total $441? I should have taken my calculator out and now I can’t find my receipt but I will be printing the credit card receipt from my bank account to get to the bottom of this.

    Thanks for pointing that out.


  19. I went on Saturday morning and was taxed correctly (70% off price x 1.085). I got a basic t-shirt for $15 (no original price tag) and a trench coat for $350. The selection was great despite not having anything from the PLAY label. It’s fair to say the selection was better for the women as their clothes were more unique. The Fred Perry polos were very rough and some of the other clothes heavily reflected Japanese street-fashion, but all and all, there were plenty of great pieces in every size. The shoes/sneakers were for sizes 11 and below. There were loads of wallets priced around $30 – mostly silver w/numbers and black/white checkered. Perfume was $20, but there were no samplers to aid in your buying decisions. It’s definitely worth visiting, but set a price limit before going as some items are very tempting and very pricey.

  20. Well, it’s f**king Sunday, and there is still a 30 minutes line, they must be doing something right…….

  21. just got back. line was to the block; spent about 45 min in line. the line kept the sale from being too crowded. sneakers were $50; other shoes were $150. all clothing 70% off as noted above, which i think includes all the cdg black line too. here’s a tip if anyone goes tonight: check price tags of other similar items. i got a fred perry cdg jacket for $265 minus 70%; all the other jackets that were the same size and same color were $305.

  22. Racked says that prices have been cut in half. Does anyone know how the selection looks?

  23. Can anyone confirm that the prices were slashed in half? I was there yesterday and only the shoes had been reduced….the other accessories and clothes were still at 70% off. Also, not much good stuff left i.m.o., but if prices have been slashed it might be worth another look.


  24. Today?! Are there any further reductions?
    Yesterday shoes were $150, sneakers $50 (not much left of either)
    Hats were $10
    No perfumes left (which use to be $20)
    All clothing still 70% off.original price! not red price.

    SO today????? whos gone? ARE THERE FURTHER REDUCTIONS?!

  25. Hi printout, I went to today to “speak to the manager” about getting overcharged for taxes and I ended up shopping some more. LOL. There clothing price is definately not an additional 50%. I’m not sure where that rumor started. The red price does not count. Girl at the counter said that was the price when it was on sale at the CDG store. The prices are still 70% off the original tag price. I went to the original girl who charged me on Friday. She tried to explain away the extra taxes but I wasn’t biting. I totalled my clothes to $312 buck on Friday and she totalled it also and then the final total came up to $445.00!! How was that possible. The worst part is that I didn’t even notice the huge discrepancy until someone mentioned it on here. I guess I have money to blow. Will definately be disputing this with my bank.

    BTW, there is plenty of perfume left. Still $20 bucks. There were no more lines and tons of stuff inside.


  26. what kinds of perfume? so no additional “off” prices?
    Yeah they tried that scam on me on saturday. All of a sudden my total was 100 bucks more then it was supossed to be. I agrued with the girl and she was no in the mood to redo everything, but I made her… I was super annoying but I am happy I did.
    Any wallets besides the black white checkered and plain black cream ones?
    Any other mark downs?

  27. Printup, they got the wrong one. You were alert on Friday. I was so giddy that I fell into that scam. I will be calling them in small claims court. I am the small claims court queen. Wrong person to do that to. I dragged all my wares down there and showed it to the manager and she added them up and it was $312.00. She told me that I was reading my receipt wrong but the problem is I didn’t have my receipt. I told her that I went online and my bank shows that I was charged $445.00. How is that possible? I go to sample sales b/c I’m a cheap fashionista.. will not be scammed by CDG.

    Anyways, I didn’t pay attention to the wallets. I didn’t look at the perfume names b/c I tried them on and they scent was very strong. I didn’t notice other markdowns but I heard the shoes were marked down. not sure if this is true or not but I’m sure that the clothes were not marked down. Maybe they will be around 5p. The room was still quite full. This reallly was a massive sale.


  28. If you take the receipts and add up the items yourself & subtract the 70%, then add tax, they’re legit. The way they structured them is misleading (I thought the same thing some of you are mentioning so I did the math myself). Don’t take them to small claims court, you’ll get laughed out the door.


  29. Hi Anonymous, other people have posted that they were overcharged at the cashier and when they protested it was fixed. I added it the way that you suggested and it’s still incorrect. CDG bag for $425 plus Junya Jacket for $498 plus Play t shirt for $120 equals $1,043.00 minus 70% ($730.10) equals $312.90. I was charged $445.00!! This is $133 in taxes. The cashier on friday added each individual item correctly so I just assumed the final number was correct also but it wasn’t. Dont underestimate small claims court. the little consumer never gets laughed out the door b/c the big dog rather pay me than their lawyers. This is the key small claims success. Which do you think they would prefer to pay me my lousy $133 back (even if I were lying about it, which I’m not) or pay some attorney $300 per hour to go back and forth to small claims. It takes 6 to 7 trips before you go to trial.. Do the math.. I bet you the cashier would add that up correctly then 🙂


  30. In fairness, I skimmed through your post….I was responding to everyone’s post at once. In any case, I thought the same was true on my receipt (was charged an absurd amount of tax), so I went item by item with a calculator and then added tax and came up with the same total they charged me. It’s still a mystery how they structured the receipt though, it couldn’t have been laid out in a more misleading way. Good luck, if you really got ripped off for $133, you deserve to get it back!


  31. Was not impressed by the sale, mostly because i was hoping to get stuff from the PLAY collection. Tons of stuff left when i went today, though i still feel like its pricey for items that are not your average wear. Picked up the CDG edp, that was a steal for $20….50ML & 100ML for $20…..better be picking up the 100ML’s!. Thanks again beggar!

    mr billy

  32. Just looking at some of the prices you guys listed and Im not impressed, but I guess money isn’t an issue for some folks. I think I’ll make a guest appearance at Gant.

    Bargain C

  33. Who wants average wear? This is CDG we’re talking about.

    This was an amazing sale. It’s going to be difficult to find another one in the coming months to top it…


  34. Yeah I never really understood why would people expect to get anything “low key” from Comme des Garcons…

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