Gant Sample Sale

— Fri, 6th May 2011 —

Ain’t no sale like a Gant sample sale because a Gant sample sale don’t… stop. Officially, Gant’s S/S 2011 sample sale runs from Tuesday to Friday, 5/10-5/13, and will feature up to 80% off tons of sportswear and accessories from Gant, Gant Rugger, and Gant by Michael Bastian. In terms of pricing and selection, see what to expect here and here.


Gant Sample Sale – Gant Showroom – 20 W 55th St between 5th & 6th – 11 fl – Tues-Thur 8:30am-6:30pm, Fri 8:30am-5pm – 212-230-1949 Map

  1. Hey CB – do you know if they are doing F&F on Monday?


  2. Hypothetically speaking Mr. Beggar, if I were to crash the Friends and Family event, approx. what time should I arrive?

  3. this, paul smith sample, and barneys warehouse account for 100 percent of the clothes i own. looking forward to it.


  4. Not as a necessity as the fall/winter sale, nevertheless will still rack it up everyday.

    Nacho Broadway

  5. will there be a lot of Bastian stuff there? thanks

  6. Strangely enough, not a single Gant by Michael Bastian item that I could see. Plenty of Rugger and normal Gant items however.

  7. No Michael Bastian stuff???? Thats upsetting……any idea if I can get into the F&F today without being on a list? What were price points?


  8. Didn’t ask about the price points (nothing is posted) and I wasn’t interested in anything besides GbyMB. No problem whatsoever walking in without being on the list.

  9. Thats disappointing, i guess I will hea dover there soon and test my luck. Thanks so much George.

  10. Men,

    Just came back, the doorman was very friendly, just told him I was F&F and went right up. The price list is the same from their previous sample sales, so deals are easy to find. Most is Gant and Gant Rugger, George was right in that there is very little Michael Basitan stuff.

    LOTS of oxfords and polos, both s/s and l/s in M and L, though the largest amount of stockis size L. Assorted cardigans, sweaters, and zipups, but they are stacked next to polos, so they need to be hunted out a bit. Not much in terms of pant, but lots of shorts! Also, there were a surprising number of racks with outwear and blazers. Large selection of belts, mostly fabric, but also some leather. Tie selection isn’t bad, but a bit small. Socks, hats, cufflinks, and other small accessories are in, too, but also smaller stock size.

    Good luck! It’s definitely worth the trip.

  11. I just got back also, Bastian selection is really not that bad. I got 2 polo shirts and a zip-up sweater. There are a handful more polos, if I were you I would go asap before they are all gone. bastian polos for $19 (along with all other polos), t-shirts for $15zipup sweaters are $35, ties are $19, dress shirts/ L/S shirts and polos are $29, pants and jeans are $29, blazers are $98. Good luck.

  12. How do their sizes run? I wear a Medium in L/S from jcrew. are Gant shirts “fitted” or slim/fit? i dont have abs of steel!!!!

  13. AMAZING!!! SOME STEALS to be had!
    TONS of GbyMB!
    Right corner and over…a PLETHORA of blazers-in rainbow colors-navy and more work/business appropriate blazers in hallway towards bathrooms. I got 10 items, blazer, 2 polos, t-shirt, dress shirt, trouser, belt, cufflinks, leather bag, trousers for UNDER $360!!!!!!!



  14. SOME pricing:
    leather bag-$75


  15. I don’t understand what people were saying about Michael Bastian. Came back and got TONS of MB stuff – 2 polos, 2 sweaters, jeans, shorts, 2 tees and a hat.


  16. there were no Bastian ties or Blazers when you went were there? I went earlier and didnt see any, figure maybe they restocked a little………

  17. Ah, the Gant sample sale. My favorite time (1 of 2 as it’s bi-annual) of year…
    By the way, guys, F&F means you’re on the e-mail list. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP BEFORE CHECKING OUT.

    Got in with no problem, there’s NOBODY there right now. The famous shirts are plentiful, but they’re going down in supply in terms of size M. LOTS in size L. Lots of ties, belts, some shoes (in size 11 though), and I didn’t see any woman in the woman’s part (if any girl is reading this).

    Gant by MB was going low in quantity too, but there were some items. What there was a LOT of was Gant Rugger: shirts, polos, rugbys, t-shirts, so go today when you can.

    Finally, lots of hats, LOTS of cufflinks, a few wallets, it’s just a great sale (as always) this time. I only ended up with a shawl collar sweater and a shirt as I have gotten tons of shirts from past sales (and don’t really need much else), but I plan to go back on the last day (when they usually take one more discount off).


  18. Just got back from there. No smalls left in anything. Grabbed a medium slim fit mercer poplin shirt, a med polo, and a pair of olive rugger pants for under $90. Mediums are going fast, seemed to be only regular fit when I left. Lots of sweaters and sweatshirts left, and some pretty nice ties as well. Very crowded.

  19. Do they restock at all? It seems like there wont be anything left for the rest of the week!

  20. Very good sale.
    Only shopped bastian and rugger and came away very happy.
    Slim fit waxed cotton raincoat for $50.
    Some very cool, non-gantish MB polos and t-shirts for $19 and $15.
    Ties looked good too, but I’m stocked and don’t have a real job.
    Of course there is a ridiculous amount of traditional fratty gant attire too, but it’s probably better to just avoid processed foods and exercise more.
    All I have to do is rip off a few gant logos and I’m set for summer.

  21. Got there at 9am. Saw at least 15 MB shirts all in M. Got a cream linen blazer w elbow pads & working buttons and the same in Navy $98 each. A MB vest $45, brown leather boots $15 and a Rugger varsity jacket for $50

    Nacho Broadway

  22. @Samuel: It’s rare for them to restock. The shirts go pretty fast, but don’t worry, there’s a LOT of other things there too!

  23. got 2011 summer luxury line blazer.

    MB only sweaters left. and one used shirt )

    nice sale.

  24. Will there be any more blazers by the end of the week or are they all being bought out today????

  25. Overheard that they will not be restocking Bastian or Rugger. Other stuff, yes.

  26. ANYONE???

    How do their sizes run? I wear a Medium in L/S from jcrew. are Gant shirts “fitted” or slim/fit? i dont have abs of steel!!!!

  27. Absolutely no S left. Don’t go thinking you can rummage and find any. No, really, don’t. Saved you some time. You owe me a beer. And your wife.

  28. Really outstanding … went there at 8:30 this morning and there was a line waiting for things to open up. Not a lot of MB/Rugger stuff left but what they had was pretty solid … picked up an MB sweater and cardigan … for Rugger I got some pants, a shawl sweater pullover, a really nice waxed cotton anorak, some swimwear and a leather jacket on the way out … grand total $425. I doubt there’s much left now, but I’m glad I went.

  29. I got there this morning at around 9am and there was a line in the lobby. All the Bastian and almost all of the Rugger items are gone. It’d be worth checking out if you’re a size large (they have tons of dress and casual shirts in large) or if you’re looking for 34W pants. Otherwise it’s pretty slim pickings for M’s and 32’s.

  30. Btw, I asked the woman working there, who told me there was never any size small stock. No need to look!

  31. I went to the Gants warehouse sale .there was none very upsetting

  32. Satan vad coolt. Stort grattis, e4ven fast jag inte ke4nner dig ponesrligen tycker jag e4nde5 att det lyser igenom i bloggen hur mycket du e4lskar det du he5ller pe5 med och jag tycker verkligen att du ff6rtje4nar det. En guldstje4rna till GANT som le5ter dig fortse4tta blogga, det blev jag riktigt glad ff6r eftersom du e4r en av mina favoritbloggar!

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