Gilded Age Sample Sale

— Wed, 18th May 2011 —

When it rains, it pours. Thursday through Saturday, 5/19-5/21, get to Gilded Age‘s semiannual sample sale, featuring denim and pants for $60-$120, jackets for $80-$120, outerwear for $100-$150; shirts for $40-$50; tee & polos for $10-$50; … Here‘s what we found last time around. Pre-sale, today? Actually, no. Stefan (GA’s founder, creative director, and the nicest guy you’ll ever meet) never hosts a pre-sale.

Gilded Age Sample Sale – 580 Broadway btwn Houston & Prince – 9th fl, Suite #912 – 10:30am-7pm Daily –  212-228-7747 – Map

  1. I’m a fan of this sale. Let me see if I can snag some white denim this time around.

    Winston S.

  2. Got a great pair of raw denim for $80, knit shirt for $30, and a t-shirt for $20. Great selection of denim. And as always Stefan is fabulous!!!!

  3. Lots of denim and shirts at this sale. Racks and racks of them. Most of the raw denim is around 80-100$. Shirts ranged from 30-40$. Lots of Tshirts for like 15-25$. This would have been a great sale if I didn’t already have too much denim.

  4. Watch out, labels say “New York” on them leading you to believe the clothes (not the denim as far as I saw) were made in NY, when actually there is a tiny label which says “Made in China”. Too bad.

  5. There was also denim made in Japan. You really just need to read the labels.

    I didn’t see any t-shirts for $15, but maybe I missed it.

    Prices from what I recall:

    T-shirts: $20
    Knit T-shirts: $30
    Denim: $60 – $90 from what I saw. I only looked at 31 or smaller waists though. Not all denim was selvedge so if you are looking for selvedge denim make sure to check.
    Pants were around the $60 range too.
    Shorts were $45
    $65 for sport shirts and $55 for s/s sport shirts (westerns buttons and regular available)
    Outerwear started at $80 and went up to I think $400 for a shearling.
    Cashmere/cotton blend sweater for $85
    Belts for $85.
    There was a great suit there for $190. I would say that it would be perfect on a 38S (pants I think were a 31/32) and would have picked it up if I didn’t already have so many suits that I don’t wear.
    There was also a great khaki double breasted raincoat in a medium. I think it fit me perfect, but I already have too many in that color. $150. My measurements are 145lbs, 5’5″, 15/32.5 shirt size, 38S suit, 29/30 waist.
    Not too much in small, but there were some and even some XS.

    All that I can remember for now.

    I also overheard someone mention the beggar while I was there. Something about the beggar mentioning it was cash only, but I don’t see that anywhere.

    Winston S.

  6. Stefan is just about the nicest guy in the business, i got some amazingly well made shorts there the other day, highly reccomended!

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