Mr. Mickey’s Celebrity Sidewalk Sale

— Fri, 13th May 2011 —

Consider David Byrne a style icon? Then don’t miss Mr. Mickey’s Celebrity Sidewalk Sale on Sunday, where we’re told Byrne will be hawking his own personal wares alongside other notable donators. Hosted by Screaming Mimi’s, all the proceeds will go toward buying school uniforms and supplies for children at the Vivekananda Public School in Orissa, India.

Mr. Mickey’s Celebrity Sidewalk Sale – Screaming Mimi’s – 382 Lafayette between Great Jones & East 4th – Sun 12pm-6pm – 212-677-6464 – Map

  1. Eeewwwh. “Hocking” as in coughing up phlegm, as opposed to “hawking” as in offering/advertising for sale?

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