The News Showroom Sale

— Wed, 18th May 2011 —

So, um, you’ve a few sales to choose from this week. Thursday through Saturday, 5/19-5/21, get to The News‘ semiannual showroom sale for up to 75% off Cheap Monday, Shipley & Halmos, Common Projects, … Here‘s what a recent event looked like, how everything was priced, etc. Oh, and don’t expect any Band of Outsider this time around.

The News Showroom Sale – 495 Broadway btwn Broome & Spring, 5th fl – 10am-6pm Daily – 212-925-9700 – Map

  1. Just got back. About 2 dozen people waiting outside before they opened. Looked like it was almost all Cheap Monday. Big crowd (myself included) went straight for the Common Projects. They’re mostly gone and the ones left are pre-worn condition. Full stock for the ladies (and small-footed men) though. Damn.

  2. ALOT of cheap monday stuff, almost no more shoes and accessories for mens. Lots of denim and random shirts here and there. Some hoodies and cardigan/shawls. Pretty cheap stuff.

  3. Not the R13 stuff, the denims are still 150 bucks. But I LOVE their washes.

  4. The two ladies working near the dressing room were AMAZING, way more helpful than majority of the sales people working at boutiques in the city tbqh.

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