(Another) Richard Chai Sample Sale

— Tue, 14th June 2011 —

Through Thursday, 6/16, Odin‘s West Village outpost is hosting a Richard Chai sample sale featuring up to 90% off spring stock. (Don’t you love it when brothers get each others’ backs?) Hosted only a few months back, here‘s what readers had to say about Chai’s last sample sale.

Richard Chai Sample Sale – Odin West Village – 750 Greenwich St btw Perry &  W. 11th St – 917-620-1504 – 12pm-8pm Daily – Map

  1. Any word on this sale? Looking for a blazer, any prices on that?


  2. Sales people were VERY nice and very helpful however the inventory is pretty limited. There was 6-10 blazers there from 38-44. Herringbone, Plaid, Seeksucker, Solid black/navy and SOME matching trousers/pants. The blazers are $150 from $400-695. Pants 75$, Leather Jacket 250$. Didn’t really look carefully at the other prices but they were below 100$ for shorts, cardigans, shirts, pants, shoes/sneakers 75-95$.

  3. I went today and overheard one of the sales people tell a customer that they restocked today. To me there seemed to be a good amount of inventory compared to other sample sales I’ve been to. Maybe Kin was there after a lot of pieces sold and they restocked? There were definitely some good deals and I have to agree with Kin, the Sales people were really friendly. I liked that you got to shop in a boutique atmosphere and there was dressings rooms. I had to wait for a bit though because it looked like the women were planning to buy at least a dozen pieces each.

  4. Well it wasn’t limited as in the sense that you should not go I definitely recommend still going there even if you didn’t walk out with anything. There are still some pieces that are worth checking out. I also forgot to mention there was also jackets, peacoats, and waterproof outerwear there. The prices are good too. The atmosphere is definitely nice, they aren’t trying to just get you to buy the things there, I was told honestly if things worked or if it didn’t. They even tried giving me ideas on what to incorporate the pieces with if I bought them.

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