At Ralph Lauren Warehouse Sale

— Mon, 6th June 2011 —

Complimenting some helpful reader comments, here’s what contributor Sam Jacobs has to say about the Ralph Lauren warehouse sale going through Thursday, 6/9:

I would sum up this sale as having an underwhelming selection, but decently priced at 75% off on Black and Purple label merchandise. Some ties, shoes, bags, outerwear make up the bulk of the mens’ selections. Also some knits, dress and sport shirts, and pants. Fairly busy considering it’s a Monday morning. I didn’t buy anything. Most people were walking out empty handed. Worth a look if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.” Good to know, thanks Sam! [Pic also courtesy of Mr. Jacobs.]

Polo Ralph Lauren Warehouse Sale – Soiffer Haskin – 317 W 33rd between 8th & 9th – Monday-Wednesday 9am-6:30pm, Thurs 9am-5pm – Credit Cards OnlyMap

  1. I dropped about $600. Jeans, shorts, loafer, slipper, moc, knit tie, purple label shirt. I may go back today for another loafer and a dinner shirt. The sale is worth it IMO, plus I received an email today saying prices were further reduced.

    Kenji Summers

  2. No more polos,

    they have sweaters/knits for about $100, marked down from $600
    Jackets are $800-1,000 ($100-160 after)
    Ties are very limited (weird carpet print / college logo type print) $40
    Shoes were $60,$120,$180 or something around there


  3. just got back. everything i saw is now 80% off, but mostly outerwear and stone washed jeans. lots of shoes still, but nothing amazing. the ties are club ties (stripes) and paisley, and there were probably about 40 to choose from (not a huge selection). lots of black label tux shirts ($395 minus 80%); i saw a nice purple label shirt that was light purple, but it was the only nice button down left ($395 minus 80%).


  4. RALPH LAUREN AND A WAREHOUSE SALE SOUNDS WRONG TO ME. I was at a bankruptcy sale for a different fashion person and saw a sale price of 80% off at $100.00 or more. Sounds the same to me.




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